Get your beauty on this Mother’s Day and EVERYDAY with our $158 Arbonne giveaway!

Congrats to our winner Pamela!
Yeah, I know I’m not his mom but if my husband is smart he will take care of me on Mother’s Day.

Whether you’re married or dating a woman with kids, Mother’s Day is all about showering the mama in your life (the one who selflessly cares for the little ones) with a token of your complete appreciation for all the work she does.

Unfortunately, while you might think she’d appreciate an appliance like a super charged vacuum or a fluffy pink duster merely as a reflection of your gratitude for all the hard housework she does and a way to make it easier  those kinds of gifts will not score you any brownie points!

So what can a guy, who is maybe feeling a little clueless, do to show his woman that he indeed values not only all the busy work she does, but truly appreciates every fiber of her being and can’t imagine anyone else he’d rather be the mother of his children? Not to worry! I’ve got a giveaway sure to garner you a big wet, sloppy kiss and if you play your cards right a lot more.

Arbonne‘s  pure products crafted with premium botanical ingredients and innovative scientific discovery- are ones EVERY MOTHER would love! Additionally, Arbonne’s products are vegan certified, gluten-free, and adhere to a strict Purity and Safety Ingredient Policy. Arbonne products are the perfect gift for the discerning mom that takes extra care as to what she puts onto her skin and into her body. Arbonne is actually offering a great Mother’s Day kit- which is CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. The set includes the RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque (a $65 value), Arbonne Cosmetics Makeup Primer (a $38 value) and a free RE9 Advanced Instant Lift Gel (a $55 value).

Just one more reason why Arbonne is a brand the mom in your life will love; they recently released clinical trial results for their RE9 Advanced line, all of which beat out the #1 department store brand in helping to provide a healthy, younger-looking complexion.

And while I would absolutely recommend you getting the mother in your life some of the Arbonne goodies I’ve included in this post- ONE LUCKY reader has a chance to win this Mother’s KIT RIGHT NOW! For one entry leave a comment here with one reason the woman in your life is a wonderful mother. For a second entry you can Follow @MelissaSChapman on Twitter and Retweet this giveaway! For a Third entry you can Like  Married my sugar daddy on facebook! For a fourth entry you can follow MelissaSChapmanwriter on Instagram and for a fifth entry you can follow @MelissaSchapman on Pinterest Good luck! Giveaway ends May 19th!


  1. Susan DeVaux says

    My mom is just simply the best. The one person I can rely on no matter. The definition of unconditional love. I would love to give this to her! Thank you!

  2. samantha s says

    One reason why my mom is the greatest is because even though she has 9 kids, she’s still able to love my 3 kids and be a grandmom for them. I’m not sure if it makes sense, but I have so much more respect for her that she loves and cares for the babies I love and to me it means the world. My mom is a great example of there being enough room in the heart to give.

  3. Elizabeth Gentry says

    My mother is wonderful because she is a true inspiration. She does not know what the words give up mean. She had a heart attack a few years ago and less then a week later was in Egypt climbing pyramids… Her entire life has been story after story like this 🙂 I hope I can be as determined to live life to the fullest. Followed Twitter and retweeted / Brizee1977 Liked Facebook / Elizabeth Gentry Followed on Pinterest / brizee77

  4. Mechele Johnson says

    My mom is wonderful because she taught me to be a wonderful mother through example. She always put us first, she always let us be who we were gonna be, and she is our biggest fan still to this day no matter what me and my siblings are doing.

  5. Caron says

    My mom is the best, she did a great job raising my two siblings and me, sometimes all by herself! I would definitely give her these Arbonne products as a gift if I won! (I also follow you on Facebook and Pinterest)

  6. Naomie says

    My mom is the best, she’s a mom of 7 and has made each and everyone of us so special. She gives so much and deserves so much more.

  7. Jean says

    My mom is no longer living, but she was a lioness of a mother who taught me to be fearless when it comes to pursuing my dreams. I was a shy kid and her confidence in me really helped me to find the courage to succeed. I miss her greatly.

  8. alisa says

    my mom is the best because she always works to improve herself and others around her, she always works to show love to all.

  9. cassandra says

    I would say that my grandmother is a wonderful mother. She supports me and help me where she can. She also always shows her love through her cooking, and if that was the only criteria alone her love would blow away everyone elses. She cooks amazingly 🙂

  10. Jennifer says

    My mother is wonderful!! She always wants the best for me even if I refuse to listen to her advice! I love her so much!

  11. beatriz says

    my daughter has made me into a mother i never ever thought i would be. i would do anything for her!!!!

  12. golden storm says

    my mom is special because she never fails to inspire me everytime I speak to her
    goldengirl7763 at Hotmail dot com

  13. Nadine says

    The woman who raised me gtaught me to be glad for what we have and not be ungrateful for what we don’t.

  14. Holly S. says

    She’s not a mother yet, but soon! She has been an amazing Aunt, playing with the kids for hours and having fun herself. hstorm799{at}gmail{dot}com

  15. Amanda Rauch says

    My mom has always been so great. She has always supported my decisions without predjudice-even if she didn’t agree with the decision i made.

  16. Mary Dailey says

    My daughter-in-law is the best mother ever to my 3 wonderful grandchildren! I am so proud to have her in my family!

  17. Ashley C says

    My mom shows me what it is to act selflessly. She is always there for my brother and me and has been a great role model for me as a mom!


  18. sandra davis says

    my mom had a heart of gold. she would do anything for anybody that she could. she passed away a few years ago and its so hard not having her here. she had the biggest smile of anybody that i know.

  19. says

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