Get the look: Quintessential Summertime Braid: Win two very beachy hair extensions and some wicked good hair product!

Congrats to our winner Nilsa!

We all want it: that windswept, natural just-rolled-around-on-the-beach tousled hair. We want those cheeks flushed-with-pink- goodness look  that  makes us appear as though we are naturally endowed with a glow. Heck I’m going to be 40 and I’m not opposed to indulging in products that will make my skin look dewy and my hair look sultry!

First to achieve that beachy hair:

No matter your hair texture or length, braids are an easy look for high temperatures. This childhood favorite hairstyle has quickly become a modern, chic and wearable hair ‘do. Below, are the secrets to styling the perfect braid this summer:

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Khloe Kardashian   Julianne Hough     Jennifer Aniston     

If your hair is on the thin or short side, there is an easy solution for you – extensions. Attaching a ponytail piece like the Hairdo by HairUWear Beach Curl Pony ($49: will help you achieve a bouncy, thick style like Khloe Kardashian, above.

When it comes to braids you want texture, so spritz a volumizing and texturizing spray throughout and let it air-dry before styling, like Julianne Hough, above. Try UNITE Beach Day Spray ($29.95: which will give your hair just the right amount of roughness it needs.

To add in a small braided detail like Jennifer Aniston, simply attach a clip-in braid like the POP by HairUWear Clip-In Long Braid ($10:

And According to Glamour Magazine here are Four tips to eachieve that oh so coveted beachy look!

#1 STOP Embarrassing breakouts and your pores getting clogged with Lancome’s instant flash bronzer. It’s like  makeup for your body.

#2 Banish unwanted bloat with Clarins body firming cream- it’s like  Spanx in a tube.

#3 Use a Dry brushing Elemis Body brush. Brush in 8 circular motions in every spot. This flushes out toxins- and lessens the appearance of cellulite and smoothed out skin.

#4 Camouflage  your stubble  with fresh rice dry oil- it softens and flattens out hair everywhere!

And guess what I’m giving one reader all three of these FABOOSH products below to help them recreate their very own at-home-beachy look!

UNITE Beach Day Spray ($29.95:

POP by HairUWear Clip-In Long Braid ($10:

HairUWear Beach Curl Pony ($49:

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  1. says

    I’m fascinated by all these products but that braid looks amazing! definitely something I need to add to my basic boring bun. My summer hair care tip is to keep your hair hydrated. I have naturally curly hair and I find that skipping a day or two of washing, blow drying and flat ironing helps . Now that I’m in my 30’s my hair has been falling out a lot so I keep it up in a bun all day. I try to use oils that help hydrate.

  2. Suzanne DeVaux says

    If I’m hanging out by the lake or pool I spray lemon juice in my hair. I’m blonde already but it lightens it up a bit :) Thanks!

  3. Denise Konkel says

    I do a deep conditioning treatment every once in awhile. I’ll put conditioner on my head, some saran wrap, and blow dry it for about ten minutes. Works like a charm!

  4. Olivia Rubin says

    Living in south Florida and 10 minutes from the beach, i try and cover my hair if I will be in the sun for an extended period of time.

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