Get Ready for Valentine’s Day: The Secret to Pleasing Your Man Based on his Astrological Sign!

All year long our husbands dote on us and Valentine’s Day is the quintessential holiday (er EXCUSE)  to give it back to them exactly as they want it. According to Stacey Wolf James a professional psychic-medium and astrologer for over 18 years and author of the book Never Throw Rice at a Pisces  Valentine’s Day this year comes on a Full Moon (translation: it’s day to give him what he has always wanted, to fulfill that long lasting desire). Mars is kissing the Sun and gives us tons of courage and energy” this is definitely the year to Spice. It. Up.  Plus, it lands on a Saturday this year, giving you and your man a whole weekend to play with! 

Get Ready for Valentine's Day: The Secret to Pleasing Your Man Based on his Astrological Sign!

Keep reading for Stacey Wolf James  secrets to pleasing your guy this Valentine’s Day Based on his astrological sign!

Aries:  Ok you may not give your man a threesome (now that’s direct, huh?!) but why not dress up in some over-the-top lingerie, then prop a cheap full-size mirror near the bed so he can watch himself and you–go at it, I promise the sex will sizzle and he’ll never forget the night you tapped his inner exhibitionist!

Taurus:  This man loves food and tender touches. Splurge on some sexy finger foods, like olives, oysters, figs, and chocolate covered strawberries. Light a candle, sip some red wine, whisper sweet nothings he’ll love the romance (and the post-meal X-rated activities!).

Gemini:  Risk taking Twins lives life on the edge. Provide him an adrenaline rush he won’t soon forget: Hit his favorite place (preferably a dark bar or restaurant with cozy corners).  Wear a little black dress, casually go to the bathroom, take your undies off and nonchalantly plop them in his lap.  You may want to lean over and whisper “my gift to you” or “Whew, I got hot” it’ll make his insides perk up. 

Cancer:  This guy is so sweet and romantic.  Turn the tables on him, send a lovely (manly?) bouquet with a love note to his office during the day. Book a horse drawn carriage ride for the evening. Make it all a surprise, he’ll be so touched, it may bring a tear to his eye.

Leo: This bold guy loves a good hedonistic splurge. Order up a lazy relaxing day at a spa. Begin with a couples massage, lounge by the fireplace in your robe and slippers, float around the hot tub. (You get it, all that pampering will put him in the mood to take you home and have his way with you.

Virgo: A very tender heart and a reserved personality make this guy’s insides hard to tickle so an ace plan is extra special to him. Plan a weekend of his favorite things ”like an overnight ski trip, two tickets to a movie he’s been dying to see, dinner at a classic upscale restaurant that’s been on his radar. A sweet card’s a must, he’ll really appreciate your attention to detail. 

Libra:  As you know, your Libra is a really sharp dresser.  Nothing says love like high-end, well-made clothes and accessories. Buy him a Hermes tie, a Brooks Brothers sweater or even some Happy Socks.  He’ll enjoy unwrapping it, wearing it, and then unwrapping you later.

Scorpio: Lucky you!  Scorpios are intense, sensual men. Give him an equally spicy Valentine’s. First, surprise him with great seats to a really cool rock concert, then top off the night by hitting a dark cool biker or jazz bar, where even the cocktails ooze sexy. The vibier it is, the better it is for you, later.

Sagittarius: Sag’s live off raw adventure, even every day Sagittarians dream of trying some pretty wild stuff.  Take him tandem sky dive, zip lining, horseback riding, or even indoor rock climbing it’ll give him a dopamine high that he’ll want to keep going and going (and going!).

Capricorn: This guy works hard and plays hard. Give him a day rental of a rare luxury car. First drive it along the hippest, busiest strip in town, then the nicest restaurant with valet parking (nothing like a little showing off to feed this Capricorn’s appetite for status appeal!).  If he already has this toy, consider a flying lesson, buy it on for a steal. 

Aquarius: The creative, nonconformist Aquarius loves technology and loves to try new things ”why not fuse those quirks together and get a remote control sex toy from (some even vibe to a beat!). Quite frankly, just figuring out how it works will turn him on!!

Pisces: The fish is so sentimental and dreamy, head off on a romantic getaway (that is, if he doesn’t plan one for you, first!).  A country bed and breakfast; a century old inn off small town main street. Meander antique shops hand in hand, look lovingly into each other’s eyes, and take a nice long bath at the end of the day. Saccharine sweet? Yes, and just his style.

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