Fridays with the sugar daddy: Sh&t this blogger’s husband says

My husband, aka the sugar daddy still has very little idea what I do on as he calls it “The Internet, on the twitter and on the facebook.” But he finally has told people my wife is a “blogger” as opposed to what he used to tell people which was,
“My wife hustles on the web for jobs.”

"Do i really need to wear the ears in this picture?!"

So clearly, being the husband of a blogger, he’s got a lot of sh&t to say.

The Sugar Daddy: “I don’t think hustling jobs on the web is a derogatory statement, it is a testament to your persistence and ingenuity”

Me: “SO it doesn’t mean I’m like a prostitute or anything?”

The sugar daddy: No.

Me: Okay so now that we’ve cleared that up– here is some sh&t this blogger’s husband says

The Sugar Daddy:

“Wait you need me to take a picture of what, where, when, how and with who– AGAIN?!”

“No, we will not be doing a blogger reality show…I’m no Lamar Odom”

“You’re NOT going to tweet that…right?!”

“My brother told me you’re airing our dirty laundry”

“Can you wait until I take a bite of food, and actually swallow it before I give you my opinion?”

“You know I’m going to turn you into Hoarders if you accept ONE MORE BOTTLE of laundry detergent”

“Why does everyone call me Mr. Chapman”

So…bloggers, what Sh%t does your husband say?


  1. says

    My husband warns people when I take photos that they will end up on FB before the night is over! Hehe… its true but he is like the post/tag police. Sheesh!

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