Forget about sex addiction- it’s called self control

I asked my husband what his take was on all these celebrities ( the celebrity du jour being Mr. Duchovny) claiming they’re victims of their sex addictions. And this is what he said, “Bottom line they just don’t know the meaning of self-control.”

Because really when you think about it– how many of us married people consider sex with a stranger ( even for just a brief, fleeting moment? I’d gamble and say there are MANY of us. Sure it’s titillating, exciting, but most of all it’s forbidden, which makes it even more titillating.  And yet- the majority of us- reign in those fantasies and exhibit good old fashioned self control. Because we know- those five minutes ( yes I know some of us can engage in those long drawn out ten minute sex sessions…) are simply not worth risking the years , effort and love we’ve invested in our current relationships. In other words we exercise self- control- because we can’t imagine the shame and humiliation it would wreak on the person who we vowed to be faithful to when we solidified our marital union.

So bottom line, this sex addiction catchphrase so many celebrities have been using to describe their infidelities, well it’s just a code word for their lack of self control. Don’t you think these celebrities  should just shut up already about their sex addictions and admit they’re just a bunch of self indulgent horses asses  who can’t be faithful in their marriages?!


  1. lori says

    I disagree. Alcoholics, obese individuals, drug addicts, all know what they are doing is harmful, yet the behavior persists. self control is very over rated. if that’s all it took, there would be no obesity problems, no large welfare families, no alcoholics, etc.

  2. Barbara says

    I agree with this! It seems all too convenient for numerous celebrities to cheat and then whine about sex addiction. I would be willing to bet that the non famous segment of the population whose marriages break up due to extramarital affairs do not cite sexual addiction even half as often.

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