Father’s Day gifts for your sugar daddy aka what your husband REALLY wants for father’s day

Have I mentioned that the last handsome, sturdy and durable wallet I bought my husband to replace the George Constanza bursting at the seams, broken zipper and all one-was SWIFTLY returned by my husband who when asked why he felt the need to make a trip to return said gift rather than just USE it said, “I don’t need another wallet the one I have is just fine.”

Father's Day gifts for your sugar daddy aka what your husband REALLY wants for father's day

Here’s the thing- my husband is not a good gift receiver– the man doesn’t really want anything. All he really needs is a transistor Gilligan Island radio. Of course being that it’s Father’s Day. my kids REALLY want to get him something- just to show him in their own small way how much they adore him…because I’VE given UP!

So I asked the Sugar Daddy what men like him REALLY want for Father’s Day and this is what he said:
“I don’t really need stuff. I just love being around my family, barbecuing on a nice warm Sunday afternoon, watching or listening to the game and that’s it.”

Me: Let’s break this down shall we. There is NOTHING you want..nothing?

The Sugar Daddy: No.


The Sugar Daddy: If I can exercise  then I have everything I need.

Me: But I thought all men love their tech toys?

The Sugar Daddy: I’m technically illiterate. All I need is a radio.

Me: But what about other men- you think they would say they want to spend the day with their family and barbecue- I thought they and you would just want to be left alone- and not asked to do ANYTHING?

The Sugar Daddy: I think most dads want to spend Father’s Day with their kids–of course NONE of us want to do any mundane chores- so feel free to take that off my plate this Sunday.

Me: So really- there is no present I can give you besides for SEX?!

The Sugar Daddy: Just your love- oh and you walk the dogs tomorrow.

But all kidding aside- if you really want to get your man a father’s day gift   The most special gifts are the most personal and this Happy Husband Kit from Erin Vale Design is the QUINTESSENTIAL gift for the man who says he doesn’t need anything! And if you can’t NAB one of these — just MAKE YOUR OWN!

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