#FashionFridays It’s ALL about the jewelry and an Isabelle Grace giveaway

Congrats to our winner Nicole!

Now that I’ve lost 25 pounds, and no longer need to wear Mrs. Roper like muumuus or find flowing shirts that don’t need to be tucked in– at  39 years old I am currently attempting to reinvent my sense of self.  In my twenties I know I chose outfits that screamed LOOK AT ME I WANT ATTENTION…and on the cusp of 40 while of course I still crave attention and yes even the occasional cat call (think Carrie from King of Queens) and wouldn’t mind if my husband had to tip some of the construction workers to whistle at me every now and then- by the same token I don’t want or need that kind of validation anymore ( for which I am grateful).

isabellegracejewelry.com I LOVE their Dog Tag Necklace which captures a secret message on the back. Handmade of fine (.999) silver and accented with 22kt gold. The brushed matte finish makes the gold really stand out.
This piece measures approximately 1 inch and can fit up to 3 rows of text, 9 letters each row. Available on a 14kt gold filled or sterling silver chain. Necklace comes with one LOVE Dog Tag. ~ Make it uniquely yours by visiting our Charm and Stone categories ~ $140 value

As I am hitting that 40 year old mark I’m feeling this increasing sense of finally wanting to dress and do stuff that is JUST for me. I’m at a point where I am taking stock of my life and I guess trying to reinvent myself and figure out what I want this next chapter to be. Which brings me to fashion in my *gulp* forties…. One thing I know for sure is that I love jewelry- and it will always be a part of what I am and how I present myself. There is something so  delicate, sexy and at the same time very sentimental about wearing a piece of jewelry that is akin to a totem of a relationship you hold dear or a symbol of an unbreakable bond ( \and yes that would be my engagement ring which in my forties I am determined to wear a lot  more often!)

And of course jewelry is a quintessential way  a husband– who does not have the words all the time- can express his affection for you– especially with phrases like You’re My Everything without uttering a word, but instead inscribing it on a beautiful hand crafted one of a kind, personalized necklace from IsabelleGraceJewelry.com.

I love the sentiment and meaning behind these very special pieces and the fact that they can be customized with names, initials, and special messages. Here are just a  few of my favorite pieces of IsabelleGraceJewelry.com :

The Anniversary Tag Necklace-customized with a special date on the heart date charm and a double sided name bar tag that fits two names

Love Monogram Tag Necklace-monogramming is all the rage again and this necklace features his and her initials 

The Love Dog Tag Necklace-featuring the word love on the front and capturing a secret message or names/dates on the back

The Christina Necklace-a 3 piece charm necklace featuring a round love tag, initial tag and fleur de lis tag. Both the love tag and fleur de lis tags may be inscribed with names and dates

The Love Locket-a classic way to show her your love. Inscribed with the words “You Hold My Heart” on one side with room for names, special dates on the other

And because  I adore my readers I am  giving away ONE LOVE_Dog_Tag_Necklace ($140 value) .For a chance to win this piece of jewelry- leave a comment with one way you use  jewelry as a part of your style! For a second entry you can Like Married My Sugar daddy on Facebook and for a third entry you can follow @MelissaSChapman on twitter and retweet this giveaway. Good luck! Giveaway ends January 28th!


  1. Andrea Darst says

    Jewelry completes my outfits each day. I love mixing different styles of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings with my clothes for a fun and trendy look that’s all me.

  2. Jessica @peekababy says

    I don’t always bother to put on anything besides a wedding ring, but when I do, I instantly feel a little bit more special and put together.

  3. Lisa R says

    I use jewelry to accent an outfit, sometimes it dresses up a not so interesting shirt as well

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  4. Hope Phor Tooday says

    I use jewelry to make me feel prettier, even when I’m not really dressed up. And to boost my confidence! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Terri Moore says

    Part of my style is drop earrings – I like how they move when I do and they make me feel young. I don’t feel ready until I put them on. I like a little bit of color and sparkle near my face – distracts from those wrinkles =]

  6. Jenn Scott says

    I like to use jewelry to show my personality or how I’m feeling that day. If I’m wearing RED you better watch out!! hahaha.

  7. Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe ) says

    I always wear a pair of earrings, different depending on my outfit, I like to wear the same color earrings as my shirt!

  8. Stephanie from CT says

    i wear very little jewlery, usually earrings, bracelet and depending on the top a necklace. So what I actually DO wear stands out. This necklsce is lovely!

  9. Kristi C. says

    I feel like jewelry is the “cherry” on top that completes the outfit. I don’t have a large variety of pieces but when I put on the necklace/earrings/bracelet/etc, I just feel completed! 🙂

  10. nicole weiss says

    i generally dont wear jewlery, but i love handmade items, anything that can be personalized for me sparks my interests and i would love to be able to wear something that is special to me

  11. Shea Balentine says

    I use jewelry to make me feel a bit unique. Most all of my pieces are personalized in one way or another =)

  12. Ashley Morrissey says

    Oh, I incorporate jewelry in my every day life. Earrings are always a must and sometimes with a plain outfit I use a nice statement necklace or bracelet.

    Thank you

  13. amy v says

    I use jewlery to dress up my outfits…even just jeans and a tee shirt…jewlery can be used in amazing ways and i love to experiment!

    annae07 at aol dot com

  14. Angela says

    I’m not much on a fancy style, for me my style is my life and my comfort. So any jewelry that I wear is something that means something in my life…my wedding bands, my cross necklace that was my late aunt’s, my mom necklace from my first mother’s day.

  15. Mary Dailey says

    I have to have earrings on no matter where I go. I love picking out from my stash something that will look good with what I am wearing. I especially love it when someone comments.

  16. kemberley crosswhite says

    jewelry is the only accessory i do use. i do not carry a purse. so a nice bracelet or necklace always ties everything together

  17. Linda Kwolek says

    I wear jewelery to bring out color in my clothes and work uniform. For work, it must be a solid blue top, with simple jewlery to accessorize.

  18. Mechele Johnson says

    Jewelry is not just a part of my wardrobe, or style, it is also my culture. I am Native American and I wear jewelry as part of who I am. I am from a Northwest Coast tribe and large, carved silver bracelets are just a part of everyday culture for me as well as earrings and and dentalium necklaces. They are usually my only accesory.

  19. Melinda T says

    I’m not trendy or fashionable, but on those rare occasions that I do get dolled up, I love to accessorize with jewelry. It just makes the outfit complete!

  20. Brittany says

    I pieces of jewelry I wear most often are important pieces to me, gifts from my husband and my wedding ring. They make me smile when I wear them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. cw says

    Jewelry always makes me feel more presentable and put together. I love adding my special flair to otherwise boring outfits

  22. Kelly McGrew says

    Jewelry adds so much to an outfit. I have to wear at least one piece every day. Whether its classic pearls, a multi-colored fun necklace, a vintage owl necklace, or a cute pair of dangling earrings, jewelry transforms an outfit from cute to fab!


  23. Pam says

    I wear mostly solid color tops, so I use jewelry to truly accessorize whatever I am wearing. I like to wear jewelry that is not too loud, but is unique enough to stand out and be noticed.

  24. Mandy B says

    I use jewelry to express myself.. depending on the day I could be obnoxious, dainty, bright, or subtle. I LOVE jewelry and how it allows you to show a small piece of who you are.


  25. Sherri Jackson says

    I have to have my earrings on or I can’t make it through the day…this is the one piece of jewelry that can make an outfit pop.

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