Fashion Fridays:This tennis skirt from Russell Athletic women’s line makes me less depressed about having to work out

Maybe it was the stubborn ever increasing muffin top that pushed me over the edge, or the fact that my daughter asked me if I wanted to start shopping at Lane Bryant (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but I realized I just didn’t feel good. And not it’s a not about a goal weight for me– I don’t own a scale, it’s about how I feel in clothes- it’s about wanting to wear clothes and be able to tuck in my shirt. It’s about not dreading THE THOUGHT OF wearing a bathing suit. Its about feeling lighter which translates into ultimately feeling better.

ROCKIN my Russell Athletic Women's line of gym clothes

I don’t want to give up on my body, I don’t want to be complacent about that ever increasing jeans size, and that I was at a point where I only felt comfortable in stretch pants. I want to take back ownership over how I feel, and I know the keys to all of that are changing my diet and just moving.

Luckily I’ve got the moving part down. I got myself a trainer and thanks to my husband’s gentle perseverance I’ve been getting there at least three times a week. And yes it feels good, really good. Sure I HATE getting off a warm couch and onto an elliptical(is there ANYONE who doesn’t?!) but as long as it keeps my muffin top at bay I’m willing to take as many as I need to for the team.

So of course when Russell Athletic asked if I’d like to preview their new line of gym gear for women- it felt like KISMET! And they even sent some stuff for the Sugar Daddy too ( who LIVES in hoodies!)

LOVING this black v-neck t-shirt from Russell Athletic on the Sugar Daddy

Check out our videos below!

For more of their fabulous gym gear for both women and the sugar daddies who love them check out


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