Fashion Fridays: This mom wouldn’t be caught dead wearing mom jeans at The Limelight Art meets fashion show

True I usually post my Fashion Fridays: This mom wouldn’t be caught dead wearing mom jeans on my other site but I figured Married my sugar daddy deserved a lil bling and fashion too.

Perhaps I haven’t shared this lil tidbit about my past but I’m a NYC girl born and raised in Brooklyn, which means I was hopping subways in platform shoes and lots of black waiting to get chosen by a bodyguard to gain entry into meatpacking district clubs like Mars, the Tunnel and of course a bit further uptown The Limelight. In fact, during college I even worked as a cigarette girl at The Limelight–although not being a real sales girl- I wasn’t really into hawking and trying to get stoners to buy cigarettes and blunts- plus I had to wear these crazy SIX Inch heels and carry one of those cigarette girl carts around my neck for hours (so not glamorous). What I loved most was the energy, that pulsating, beat, feeling like when you stepped into the doors of a club- anything was possible– there was such a lightness of being and this sense that when we were all there we were part of something greater than our individual selves or maybe I was just smoking lots of weed..but i digress…

Last night I was invited care of Collective Bias to check out the Limelight Marketplace’s Art Meets Fashion Event , which featured some irresistible high end fashions by The Limelight’s W Shop and Edwing D’Angelo’s men’s wear. And I have to say it was uber fabulous.

I got to hang out with Jill from we got to sip lil cups of frozen hot chocolate care of Serendipity 3, and scarf a few empanadas and check out all the boutiquey shops and wares before the show got underway.

The unique architecture at The Limelight Shops

It’s actually a pretty insane space- The Limelight Shops is a converted church with these high cathedral ceiling,s stained glass windows and so many nooks and crannies, it’s definitely an experience that whether you’re just visiting New York as a tourist, or you’re a born and raised girl like me- a must- go to destination.

The BAR at The Limelight Shops

Oh and did I mention they’ve got a bar there so you can do a little drinking while you’re perusing the W shop a boutique for men’s clothing and shoes for men and women, with brands like Ralph Lauren, Toms, Avva, Timberland, Fred Perry, Nike, Dr. Martens- this shop in a shop is exactly the kind of unique experience only the revamped Limelight could offer. What really makes the spec work is that not too mall like but not overly indie- just a great mixture of visually stunning retail shops that make for an experience that is a anything but boring!

Bur back to the high end fashion show of the night– The Limelight Shops set up a delicious runway and oh the clothing those models paraded in front of us- were each more scrumptious and visually stunning than the next. here’s one care of my girl Jill at who was playing Annie Leibovitz at this event…

Fashion show at The Limelight Shops

And oh there were some absolutely cool celeb sightings– Like Woody Harrelson and David Blaine and a woman I consider a goddess Patricia Field ( I actually told her I thought she was a goddess last night)– unfortunately my camera battery had died at that point *INSERT SAD FACE*

see Jill and Bobby

And of course one of the NYC Bravo Housewives was there with BOBBY

That random actor dude, who looks so familiar...

And then there was this guy– apparently a celeb too- but I have no clue who he is– although he’s pretty cute, right?!

I am so excited about the upcoming NY Fashion week… stay tuned for more fun!

This post was sponsored by Collective Bias but as is always the case all opinions are mine


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