Fashion Fridays: The Saturday edition- everything old is new this Spring!

Apparently this Spring– if you have a problems getting rid of your ala eighties Flashdance off the shoulder sweatshirts, fluorescent hoop earrings and those platform shoes-girlfriend you are in LUCK! Style revival is alive and well and here is what we’re digging from decades past

1950’s Style Revival:
Old is new: We are TOTALLY digging these Vintage 1950’s cat’s eye glasses

Vintage Blue 50s Cat Eye Glasses Sunglasses Eyewear Frame France NOS

1950’s lady like polka dot dresses are also in as well as feminine accents- like Mary Janes- nine west and of course pearl necklaces and pearl earrings!

1960’s Style Revival
Color blocking which is actually a huge trend this spring- was also huge in the 1960’s with MOD A-line dresses

Picture Courtesy of

This Color-Blocked Charmeuse Dress is available at Old Navy for just $25…pair it with a pair of GOGO boots and you are good to go!

1970’s Style Revival
The Maxi dress is making a comeback!

Pleated Strapless Maxi Dress from the Limited

To give it a more updated look, try a strapless maxi dress belted. It’s a more modern approach and a great way to show off your waist!It’s very flower-powerish!

1980’s Style Revival

Photo courtesy of

My favorite, off the shoulder sweatshirt paired with colored denim– joes jeans-(which make everyone’s butt look good) a pair of flourescent pink hoop earrings and girlfriends you are ready to get your eighties retro on!

Or if you’re looking to go casual try an updated 8o’s flannel lumberjack shirt

Check out Rails' new spring plaids at

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