Does your spouse fish through the laundry for clothes to wear? yeah mine too but who cares I have a Samsung Electric Blue Canister Vacuum!

Ask my husband why he gets so angry with me over my “laundry practices” and he’ll say, “Because my wife has a cleaning problem.” Dig a little deeper and he might expound on the fact that he and I have very different versions of the term clean.

What wife wants to hear her husband say, “Gosh, honey, you seem to thrive on cleaning and dusting”?- This wife! (This is an ad from – which is SUPPOSED to make you cringe but i really get PURE joy from my vaccum)

He says, “I don’t see why I cant wear a pair of jeans for a week. I think that is reasonable.”

I say: “A week- you mean more like a month– you’ve FISHED your jeans out of the laundry basket many a time, when I tried to wash them after you wore them for a week.”

I also say, “I think if you are wearing jeans and doing stuff- i.e. taking out the trash, sitting on public transportation, that warrants them being rendered dirty and in need of a good washing.”

He says, “I’ll give you a good washing.”

He says, “Ok forget about me, I still think our kids can wear their school clothes at least three days in a row, without you needing to waste your time (and our money) washing them.”

I say: “I really don’t think the teachers will appreciate us sending our kids- especially our six year old in ketchup stained shirts (our son always manages to get ketchup on him during lunch even if they’re not serving ketchup) or with a swirl of dirt hanging over their head like a halo reminiscent of Pigpen from the Peanuts gang. The stench might be a little distracting for the other students. Or the teachers might begin to take up a laundry collection for us, concluding that our insufficient funds are what’s keeping us from sending our kids to school in clean clothing.”

He says: “You care way too much what others think of you. And our kids clothes never get that dirty.”

I say: “Babe, you can barely see anything unless I put it really close up to your eyes–and even then you can NEVER discern the dirt from the color.”

He says: “I see what I need to see”

And so the dance continues… But regardless of what he says– I prefer clean clothes and walking on a surface that does not include crunching things underfoot which is why I was SO excited to test drive the Samsung Electric Blue Canister Vacuum. I think I have FINALLY found the true love of my life!

The Black and Electric Blue models feature a Twin Chamber Vacuum System, which offer an efficient and powerful design that catches up to 95.2% of dust and fine particles. Each model features a HEPA Filter, which traps small particles, purifying the air and bringing relief to allergy sufferers. Each features a compact canister design making it easy to carry, maneuver and store.

With so much to clean around the house and the spring-cleaning season right around the corner, the last thing we want to do is purchase an assortment of products and appliances to tidy up. Many people don’t realize that canister vacuums can be used to clean a variety of surfaces beyond the usual carpets and floors. The right canister vacuum can clean things both in and outside of the house—taking spring-cleaning to a whole new level of clean.

Samsung Canister Vacuums are the latest addition to the impressive Samsung lineup of home appliances and feature HEPA filters and an innovative ergonomic design that will make your spring-cleaning experience quicker and healthier. The three new models—available in Champagne, Electric Blue and Black colors are compact, easy to store and adjust to clean almost any mess.

Now, I can take spring-cleaning beyond floors and vacuum any surface with Samsung’s new vacuums. The Champagne and Blue models come with a 2-in-one handle attachment to clean crevices and dust, while the Black model features a 3-in-one handle attachment to clean crevices, upholstery, and dust. Each model also has a telescope wand that extends up to 2.95 ft. for easy reach.

Here are just a few different surfaces that can be cleaned using the Samsung Canister Vacuums.

· Use the 2-in-one handle attachment of the Champagne or Blue model or the 3-in-one handle attachment of the Black model to clean:

o Windowsills

o Baseboards

o Radiators

o Window blinds

o Chair legs

And you can  Take advantage of the telescope wand extension by using it to clean:

o Shelves

o Walls, ceilings and ceiling fans

o Car interior

o Tops of refrigerators

And the Electric Blue (Model SC88PO) has own special features!

“Superior cleaning power for best carpet clean”- Deep Clean with long lasting suction and HEPA filtration; ideal for mixed floor types.

Twin Chamber Vacuum System, which offer an efficient and powerful design that catches 95% of dust and fine particles

Reduced Noise Level

Smart Design/Slim Look that is easy-to-use, easy to-carry, easy-to-store

Reduced size allows for more efficient storage

Telescope wand extends up to 2.95 ft (35.4 in) for easy reach (23in. Shortest)

Ergonomic design of the carrying handle helps users to move and hold the vacuum with less fatigue

One-touch control at your fingertips. Ergonomic control handle is perfectly contoured to fit the palm of your hand.

Long hose for easy, repetitive movements

15” Motorized Power Brush

Control at your finger tips

2.5â„“ Dust Capacity with an Easy to Empty Dust Bin

Attachments: 15” wide brush which is larger than the standard 13” brush on most other vacuums, 2-in-1 on handle (Crevice, Dusting), 12” Bare floor Parquet Brush

Available for $349.00

In my opinion it’s the PERFECT gift… so share- what are your MUST have cleaning tools?


  1. Karen Medlin says

    Mine is a older model carpet shampooer.. I am a stickler on keeping the spills cleaned off the old carpet and my Handy Caddy that I keep all my cleaning supplies in, make is so much easier to carry from room to room.

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