Do short people really have no reason to smile?!

I am four feet, eleven inches and three quarters. I am short- I get it- in fact shave a few inches off my height and I’d qualify to join the ranks of little people. I’m not in any sort of denial- which is why I made it a point to ALWAYS date guys who were over six feet tall. I figured if I married a guy with height I’d give my kids a fair shake at being far taller than me.

Then I met my sugar daddy, who SWORE he was 5’9″ ( which I figured was just two inches shy of my six foot requirement so I’d let it slide). And short of measuring him with a yard stick ( I checked his Driver’s license to confirm the legality of his height- which I’ve now come to realize that the good old DMV will put ANY height you tell them on your driver’s license- so that barometer is essentially useless). But the truth is when I met my husband I was smitten- after our first date which lasted six hours and I pretty much knew he was my lobster.

I guess the whole height requirement, and any other strict guidelines one has when you meet someone who you instantly feel a chemical reaction to flies out the window- that is until you have kids- and your mother tells you that your son is not growing as tall as he should be and maybe it’s time to take him to the doctor to see if he might qualify for growth hormone shots. Yes, my little, sweet boy, like me is the shortest one in his class but he’s also scrappy and funny and I’ve NEVER even hinted to him that he’s anything but perfect in every way (do I really need an excuse to have him on a psychoanalyst’s couch sooner than later lamenting how his mother ruined his confidence by harping on his short stature?!)

And really I don’t want to be one of those mothers- I don’t want to care about how tall my kid might grow- I don’t want to even fathom having to inject him with shots that  maybe just maybe might give him an extra three inches of height. I want to believe that our physical appearances- don’t reflect who and what we are. I want to believe that those who will love and appreciate him will do so because of his spirit, his personality- and his infectious grin.

But I also know that we don’t live in a fairytaled world- rather ours is silicon and Botox enhanced one where appearance is unfortunately so much of what we base our initial judgments on. And short men, no matter how smart, exceptional and even how much MONEY they can stand on – are nonetheless judged more harshly because of their short stature. And why wouldn’t I want to give my kid the best possible start in a world that is rife with so many opportunities for disappointments. But at what cost…growth hormone shots? I don’t know, I’m at a loss.


  1. liorr karasanti says

    I think in this day and age some of the moral dilemna debate is taken out of your hands by the fact that children can be tested to see if they actually have a hormone deficiency, or if they are simply meant to be of a certain height. If your child has a deficiency…then hormones should definitely be a consideration. If you find a doctor that will give your child hormones without the actual deficiency, I would be very wary of him/her as that is medically questionable. I am 5'1", and my husband is 5'7" on a very very good day. I too intended to marry someone with a 'tall' gene pool…but the heart wants what the heart wants. I have a daughter who is tiny – off the charts tiny…destined to be at the very most 5 feet tall and although I've never even considered growth hormones for her, if that were my son (her twin brother is 25th-50th percentile…) I would be seriously considering taking him to the endocrinologist.

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