Do men really like mean women? The Sugar Daddy weighs in

I happened across this article The Curious Appeal, and Rise, of the Mean Girlfriend so of course I HAD to ask my sugar daddy for his opinion on this.

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Me: Honey, do men really like mean women?

The Sugar Daddy: Some men like the women to be in charge. They like to take orders.

Me: Why would any man want to be bossed around like that?

The Sugar Daddy: Maybe it’s a fetish and a form of S&M and a kind of turn on for them.

Me: So you think it’s normal for a man to want to be with a woman who yells at him as opposed to one who makes him a cake .

The Sugar daddy: I don’t think it’s necessarily that men want a woman who yells at them, rather that she takes charge, some men like to be subservient.

Me: What do you mean by subservient?

The Sugar Daddy: He doesn’t want to be in charge. There are all levels of domination- he might feel more comfortable fulfilling her needs and having her make the decisions and follow– at some level. And maybe not all the time- maybe in just some aspects.

Me: So in other words- men who like mean women are in essence pussy whipped?

The Sugar daddy: Well I guess at some level they want to fulfill the needs of the woman as opposed to their needs, they want the woman to be in charge as opposed to them taking charge. You take charge sometimes and I go along with it. You’re mean sometimes. I don’t like it but I accept it. You make decisions sometimes- sometimes they’re good and sometimes not so much.

Me: Hold up there buddy. I don’t think I’m mean.

The Sugar Daddy: You have a mean streak to you– you put me on trial sometimes. And in those moments yes you have been mean and some of them have been in public.

Me: Was I like that when we first met?

The Sugar Daddy: You had a temper when we met. I think all women have a mean streak– but I think us men can be mean too sometimes. Women haven’t cornered the market on mean.

Me: Did anyone ever ask you why you were with a mean girl?

The Sugar Daddy: It doesn’t define you- I think you are twenty percent mean and eighty percent nice.

Me: Do you still love me?

The Sugar Daddy: Of course, why else would I let you record my answers for all the world to see.

Me: Bottom line: Would men rather a girl who yells at them or one who makes them a cake ?

The Sugar daddy: I think men want it all …just like women.





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