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Ever since my father passed after a swift yet painful decline, my husband has been the recipient, willing or not, of every thought, feeling, question, observation and fear I’ve had regarding my father. Death, even the mere mention of it is such a loaded topic- for me, mostly it’s the finality of it and the uncertainty of what really happens when we cross over that threshold. More than anything my husband has listened empathized and allowed me to dump my emotional diarrhea on him (for lack of a better term).

as gd as my witness i am going to try to be the best mother in law to my lil boy’s future spouse

But he’s my husband, and that’s a part of the marriage code… he has no choice but to listen to me –lest I keep prodding him at 2am and turning on the light- questioning our existential existence and trying to get to the bottom of why he has such a hard time believing in life after death- or at least pretending he does for my sake.

There’s another big but–while he has to validate my emotions because he vowed to do so… what about his mother-in-law…and his responsibility to her? See I’ve had 37 years to become immune to her idiosyncrasies and like any good crack baby no matter what she does I will love her- it’s just as basic as that. But does my husband have to abide by those same rules with his mother in law- a woman, with whom he has no real shared history,  other than the dumb luck of marrying her daughter?

And that’s the tricky part of this in-law relationship…how much are you expected to withstand when it comes to your in-laws? Can you wash your hands of them and tell your spouse this is their parent and you want no part of the bill paying, dealing with the emotional highs and lows, and laborious decision making process that comes with caring for one’s parent especially after their spouse dies and your spouse is left to care and pick up the pieces of her surviving parent’s life?

Do any of us really like our in-laws enough to want to get involved- or do most of us just go along because it’s part of our marriage contract when in reality all we’d like to-do is wash our hands of the whole affair- and not have to pretend we really like this person (who shares the same DNA with our significant other?)

Which brings me to my excitement about E!’s newest upcoming show, Married to Jonas, premiering Sunday, August 19th at 10/9c on E! Network stars Kevin Jonas (@kevinjonas) and his young wife Dani (@daniellejonas) as they continue to settle into married life together while learning to deal with their sometimes-hard-to-deal-with in-laws.

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  1. says

    My MIL gave me a birthday card the first year we got married and signed it “from joe’s Mother and Father”. Btw the card came with no gift 🙂

  2. Mandy B says

    My husband and I are parents of 5 children.. so needless to say we get very little time to ourselves for any hanky panky..

    One afternoon in the midst of all of our children down for naps we decided to sneek off to the bedroom and have some “alone” time together. We were just getting into the real climax of things when the door bursts open and its our 11 year old daughter and my mother and father in law…

    Apparently the kids heared the doorbell ring but in our moment we didnt. So they let grandma and grandpa inside and came to our room to wake us up!!!! I was completely moritified … And their only response was “Well I guess that explains the 5 children”

  3. Danielle Priser says

    My Mother-In-Law is a dear, BUT she insists upon giving me hand me down / regifted clothes!
    It started with clothes that ‘were too big for here’ (gee- thanks!) followed by just anything that she didn’t care for. They were all brand new with tags, so I never really thought about it….but:
    Last year it was brand new pajamas that were really pretty- I would know since I bought them for her!

  4. Kristine says

    My soon to be FIL made my financee at the time meet him urgently the day before he knew he was going to propose to me to try and talk him out of it. Talk about sending up a red flag, I knew what was up immediately!

  5. deanna says

    My name is Deanna. My MIL loves to give personalized gifts. The first said “Diane”, next “Diana”, and the last one was “Deanne”. AWESOME.

  6. kristy says

    The first time I met my father-in-law I fell down a pretty steep hill right in front of him. Luckily, I wasn’t hurt….well okay my pride was really hurt. He did stop laughing long enough to ask if I was okay.

  7. Austin Baroudi says

    The day of I proposed to my wife, my mother in law dropped a huge bomb and accidently called me my wifes ex boyfriends name!

  8. Ginger b. says

    Where can I start? My MIL insisted they come visit when I was out of town for business and DH was really busy and couldn’t ask off of work. While Dh was at work she REARRANGED all the furniture. I came home and the IL’s are asitting all happy in my rearranged den DH has a please help me look and a don’t kill me look. I said wow you changed the room. After they left everything went bakc to where it was.

  9. Madeline says

    My in-laws are mostly great but way back when we were planning our wedding I mentioned something about my parents having more say in the wedding since they were paying for it (very bad on my part!!). My mother-in-law got very mad and soon after when we had a family picnic she completely ignored my parents and gave them the cold shoulder. It was very uncomfortable!

  10. SANDY says

    My mil has you all beat- well she is now an ex…she never put up wedding pictures left my exes prom picture up- in fact made it on canvas and had it in the wall- not the kids photos, etc. She would ask kids what they would love for Christmas, then get them crap or nothing which usually was better but as we arrived in the door the kids would see the trampoline, the basketball hoop etc and get excited to find out they were for the favorite butt kissers. She was mean, she had the kids over only to babysit the younger grandkids or do yard work. I guarantee I will be a better mil than that witch and when she dies we are playing Ding dong the witch is dead

  11. Sue Bunting says

    My BEST in law story is my mother-in-law told my daughter she was not her grandmother because her son and I were not even married (I have a marriage certificate that says different) and therefore she would never give her a present, a card, and don’t expect her to even talk to my daughter!

  12. april yedinak says

    I have so many awful/funny MIL stories it is insane- there is the time when I was 16 (and a virgin) and dating her son and she came into the house with her friends and a nun (I kid you not) and announced, ‘This is Mischa’s slut and she is probably already knocked up’. Or the time she had a huge Christmas dinner party and I was invited. I was in a fancy cocktail dress and heels and having a great time when after dinner at the table she tells me to get in the kitchen to do all the dishes and clean up because I ‘should earn my keep’. Or maybe the kicker is that my very wealthy MIL sent us a box of her old used dishes wrapped in old newspapers for our wedding present.

  13. Nicole says

    The other day I was doing dishes and my five year old daughter comes in the kitchen and says “Grandma Sherry would be so surprised to see you cleaning the kitchen!”. I kinda snapped back “WHY?!?”. I scared my kid off and she swears she didn’t say it for any reason in particular, but something tells me Grandma Sherry has been yapping a little too loudly in front of my spawn.

  14. Matt says

    Very early on in my relationship with my wife, I went on vacation with my wife’s family. ALL of them. Not just her parents. There were somewhere around 20 of them and 1 of me. It got really cozy in that beach house, and I learned a lot about them. They are great people, but it got a little clausterphobic after a while.

  15. Jessica O says

    This isn’t about my in-laws but my parents to my hubby (so his in-laws) 🙂 Shortly after we began dating my stepmom called my now hubby by my exes name…twice!

  16. mechele johnson says

    Every Christmas Eve we have to go to my In Laws. My MIL is very Type A. She makes us open our presents by order of oldest to youngest! We also have to open one at a time and pass it around the circle! For fun, me and my sister in law always argue over who goes first because we are only a day apart in age…

  17. Pamela Halligan says

    My grandfather and my husband’s grandfather worked together for years at Bell Atlantic. Plus, my great-grandparents lived down the street from my husband’s grandparents – who he lived with – so there’s a good chance we had crossed paths growing up. We didn’t find any of this out for years after we had been dating.

    I think my parents have one of the most interesting in-law stories. My mother’s mother grew up a few doors down from my father’s father. Her brother ended up marrying my father’s uncle. My father attended my mother’s first birthday party. They began dating when my mom was 16 and dad was 18. Could you keep that straight?

  18. kathy dunaway says

    The 1st time my husband and I stayed at my inlaws house.My MIL told me that I could sleep on the couch.

  19. michelle colon says

    Ok idk if it’s funny, we live far from our in laws so for the first time my mil came over to watch the kids so my husband and I could go out on a date. my husband is a budding nudist. Or at least he wants to be so he proceed to tell me that he talked to him mom and she does not mind if I walk around naked, because ,” she has everything I have even though what I have is way bigger than hers!”

  20. Claire says

    I dont have any in-law stories that are particularly terrible! I just know I Was sweating bullets when I met them haha

  21. says

    I really have the sweetest in-laws that anybody could ask for. In fact, they’re so sweet that they were a little bit nervous about moving to the Big City, which was Boise, Idaho. Every day I thank my stars that they’re such kind people.

  22. Nikki Lynn Hanna says

    My mother in law is awesome!! I will admit that we have had our difference before, but this semester at college, my financial aid didn’t cover the cost of tuition, so she paid the difference so that I wouldn’t have to take out a loan!! She paid almost $2000 to help me out. Now if that’s not awesome, I’m not sure what is!!

  23. Stephanie Hungerford says

    So My Sister-in-Law Hates me. I had to move near them do to health reason and in the beginning she and I got a long but it was always strained. Well we go to the same church. I love kids and have none of my own. So I help other people with getting their children to go to nursery since this is a group of young children 18months-3years some really do not like leaving their parents. One girl still will only go to nursery if I take her. My nephew is also in Nursery. One day my Sister in law yelled at me for going into the nursery. Well I wasn’t going in for her son she has made it very clear that I am not to do anything at church with her children. Which really looks bad in our church because I am family most people would find me first since for health reasons I walk the halls during one of the 45 min classes if he needed a diaper changed or was suddenly sick. So now I have to tell them that I can not take care of him. Which looks really weird since I take care of so many other issues with other children that I am not related to. So one day the nursery leader who had scene my sister in law yell at me for going into the nursery. Had a problem with my Nephew she knew I could not take care of him per my sister in law so she went and got my sister in law and chewed her out. Well then my sister in law said that she never told me I could not take care of my nephew and the lady went off again. I saw you yell at her I see how you treat her she is your relative yet you treat her worse than you treat anyone else. I do not blame her for not sitting with you anymore and not trying to figure out when it is, or isn’t okay for her to help out with your children because you are so mean to her. Needless to say my sister in law no longer chastises me in public. She did tell my brother that she hates that I live in the same town. He told her that her problem with me was her problem because he couldn’t find anything that I was doing wrong. In our family we were raised to help in any way we can at any time and for me to back off like that and not do anything with or for my niece and nephew was very very hard on me. But he sees why I would do that because she makes it clear through rude looks and comments that she doesn’t like anything I say or do so she needed to pray about her issues with me and get over it.

  24. Fiona N says

    I think my MIL is kinda nice to me because she never requests anything from me. I am not sure if she sometimes complaints behind my back because we don’t live together. She is very good at cooking, so every time I visit her house, she cooks some good food that I never tried before 🙂

  25. Jules says

    my MIL told my hubby when we were adopting our daughter that dont expect me to babysit ..heartbroken on my part but at the same time I wasnt going to let them anyway so not that big of a deal they already have a biological one I am guessing that was what she meant..I cant help that I had cancer and had to have a hysto..I guess that is life:)

  26. Linda Kwolek says

    My best memory is when my SIL’s daughter tried to get my son to throw a ball in the house at a glass globe. My son told me he asked her to show him how hard to throw the ball at the globe, and my niece did, so much so, she broke it. We all heard the glass breaking, and the rest of the kids in the room tattled on her.

  27. says

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