Did Bethenny Frankel’s Ever After end because she makes more money than her husband?

OK I’m going to come clean right here and right now…I AM ADDICTED to the BRAVO HOUSEWIVES franchise. I guess watching this show fulfills my primal need to be a voyeur and get a peek into the lives of others as a means to get some kind of perspective on my own. And based on all the silicone implants, lip plumpers, eye and nose jobs, liposuction and gobs and gobs of money spent like it’s as plentiful as water springing from a faucet, there is a heavy dose of perspective to be gained.

Sure I love to compare myself to these ladies and say, “Oh look at that Camille and her harem of nannies, tsk tsk, or Kyle’s regular and religious visits to her psychic, what a CRAZY way to spend money,” but the truth is I can’t get enough of these ladies and their antics, but ultimately view them no more than anything but mere caricatures of themselves.

However I’ve ALWAYS harbored a soft spot in my heart for Bethenny, originally cast as a business-building, no-nonsense Real Housewife of New York unlucky in love with major emotional childhood baggage who luckily and quite successfully spun off her own reality show; Bethenny Getting Married which chronicled her real-life nuptials, subsequent pregnancy and all the high jinx that followed. Unlike so many of the other housewives; Bethanny didn’t have the luxury of a gilded childhood and had to fight tooth and nail to achieve her level of success. In other words she’s got a lot of CHUTZPAH!

I have to admit I enjoyed watching her transition into motherhood, all while juggling her entrepreneurial agenda, and tackling real life—in other words- what comes after love, marriage and baby in the carriage…and that ultimately she’s just like any of us other moms trying to balance it all.

Of course her volatile relationship with her newlywed husband  has always been at the forefront of her show. She has never tried to sugar coat the daily work it takes to keep a marriage afloat. And while I’m sure she has not let the public be privvy to every last intimate detail of her marriage it was painfully obvious she and her now estranged husband had a steep learning curve. (As all of us newlyweds do!)

She has always been depicted as harsh, very vocal and critical while her husband has been bathed in a gauzier light- in my opinion he’s more passive aggressive than her- in other words his quiet attitude is his way of getting back at her. But I really think aside from their personal communication styles- the biggest issue that seemed to face this couple is the discrepancy in their earning potentials. While I have no idea what her husband’s income or job was-  clearly Bethenny was the spouse holding the purse strings in that relationship. And I think her career and her drive came at a price– ultimately her marriage- in the sense that perhaps her husband was not okay with her being the breadwinner and out-earning him.

What do you think- do you think men can’t be in a relationship with women who make more money than them?



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    I’m a huge fan of her show and was cheering her on from the start! I was so sad to hear about the break up. But wasn’t Jason also managing Skinny Girl and jumped on board to make money off her name? But I do agree with you, he always came off as passive aggressive. I, like Bethenny, happen to have a sharp tongue and always am upfront and straight and yes that does come off as harsh to those that only see glimpses of it. Though, it wasn’t like he had no clue that her attitude or tongue was of a softer side from the start and suddenly changed. I think being in the spotlight changes people, no matter how hard you try. Marriage is work, a lot of work and adding 24-7 film crews, doesn’t help.

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      Of course I agree- I think putting your marriage under a bright hot light- for everyone to scrutinize it- makes it virtually impossible to sustain. I think these reality shows also take your personality and through editing create your character- and the thought of having to view all the things one says and does after the fact- well I am honestly not sure MY marriage could survive that either.

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    I so agree that his silence was such a passive aggressive response. She always seemed to be saying how she felt she came off as the “bad guy” I can see how his silence and her inability to keep silent could make her feel that way. It’s as if she was trying to constantly communicate and he let her dig herself into a whole by not.

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    It takes a special man to make this unbalance economic situation work. The few times I have met Bethenny I will say this–she was caustic. Maybe she was harried or worn down–willing to give her the benefit of the doubt 2x, but our third meeting–nope–I just don’t think she’s pleasant. And that may have been the big issue.

  4. elissapr says

    Oh yes! I adore the RH series and watch everyone…but interestingly enough, Bethenny is the only one my husband and I will watch together. I think men are initially attracted to what’s ‘different’…but living with it is a whole other ball of wax. While I agree that Jason may be passive/agressive, it’s likely the only response one could have when living with someone who appears so needy 24/7.

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    Only Bethany and Jason know the truth, I’m sad for both of them and most of all for their daughter. I have always routed for Bethany and was hoping she could have it all. I also admit to loving the BRAVO RH series, however I can’t imagine why anyone would agree to do the show. The shows seems to have destroyed many marriages, friendships and families. A price I would never consider paying for the limelight. In the end, the aim of the show is to provide entertainment and it always seems to come at the reality stars expense.

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      I have rooted for Bethenny, too. But I take issue with your comment that the shows have ruined marriages. I think the marriages that are strong will survive, even in front of the camera. I do agree that the shows shed a harsh light on the characters (and probably highlight problems that seemed minor or uncover bigger ones), but I think it also takes a certain kind of personality to agree to be on one of those shows. Yes, the stress of 24/7 cameras must be difficult, but a solid, stable, loving couple can probably manage it. Look at Kyle & Mauricio, Lisa & Ken, Jill & Bobby. Not saying any of those are perfect couples (or won’t break up in the future), but they all do seem to have good communication and support, and I think that counts for something.

      Terribly sad. I was hoping Bethenny and Jason would make it.