Dating 101: 10 things you should NEVER do on a First date

Dates can be incredibly nerve wracking; especially first dates  where, essentially, you get only one chance to make a first impression. Agonizing over your hair, your makeup, what to wear that all goes with the territory. But worrying about your appearance is just one component of first date prep.

10 First Date Don’ts #marriedmysugardaddy #dating101

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Once you’ve decided on your look, there’s the issue of mental preparation.  There are certain behaviors that are guaranteed to suck all the positive energy out of the room. Need a hint? Don’t fart! And NEVER use a coupon (including that Buy one get one half off coupon you just happen to have for the restaurant you’re going to).

Aside from these obvious non-negotiable behaviors, what are some other things you should NEVER do on a first date? Paul A. Falzone CEO of eLove, offers these 10 things you should never do and on a first  date and why.

#1 Never talk about your ex “ pretty self-explanatory. Talking about the ex tells your date you’re either: (a.) bitter, (b.) still hung up on them or (c.) both.

#2 Don’t talk about religion and politics. Most people have fairly strong opinions on both. On a first date, you really don’t want the conversation to get that heavy. There will be a time for those topics if things progress.

#3 Never talk about your salary or your date’s again, money doesn’t make for good first date fodder. If you’re talking about how much you make, it could be construed as bragging or complaining. Inquiring about how much your date makes just doesn’t create a good first impression.

10 things you should NEVER do on a First date

#4 Never take calls on your cell phone put your phone on vibrate and put it out of sight.

#5 No texting  if you’re serious in getting to know this person, they deserve 100% of your attention. In most cases, whatever text you’re receiving doesn’t require a response right that second.

#6 Never expect your date to pay for everything “for many men, it’s a pride thing and they just won’t let their dates pay for anything. That’s fine, but you should always offer. If it’s a first date where you’re just getting to know each other or this is the first time you’ve met in person, it’s not unreasonable for it to be Dutch treat. Whatever you do, do not discuss who’s paying until you’re ready to pay the check.

#7 Never make future date plans during the date again, the first date is a chance to get to know each other. Even if the date is going well, do not commit to a second date during the first date. You owe it to yourself to go home and reflect before taking the next step.

#8 Never bring gifts or accept gifts on the first date yeah, a guy giving flowers on a date is romantic. It’s also a gesture that’s much more fitting after you’ve been seeing somebody. A gift on the first date almost begs the question: is this really you?

#9 Never eat or drink to excess first dates are about first impressions. Stuffing your face or drinking to the point of intoxication does not typically achieve that objective. That doesn’t mean abstention, just moderation.

#10 Never go to the movies on a first date the idea is to get to know each other. Sitting in a dark movie theater doesn’t lend itself well to conversation. Invariably, the only thing you end up talking about is the movie.

So tell me: what are some things you think one should NEVER do on a first date? Do you have any first date horror stories or red-face moments?


  1. MarryJK says

    Very good tips.They will be useful for girls and for boys too. There was a time when I used to go on dates with guys from dating sites (mostly Tinder and ) And conversations about ex-girlfriends on the first date were uncomfortable. And political issues too. As for me. But I was lucky and met my love in this way.

  2. justme says

    Call me old fashioned but I disagree with #6 and #7. I think the guy should pay for the first 3 dates. This way the girl knows he is really interested in her. The girl reciprocates by making dinner for him on the 4th date. You can watch a movie on TV, go for a walk or play a game after dinner or you can go for a hike or to the lake and the girl can pack a picnic lunch.
    And #7 I think it is perfectly fine to agree to see each other again at the end of the night if you already know you want too.

  3. Gary says

    I am a gentleman and I was taught by my father and grandfather that a gentleman ALWAYS PAYS. If you don\’t then you are NO
    gentleman…you\’re a jerk. You are showing the lady that you can provide for her always.
    If any lady insists on paying I would dump her in a heartbeat. I\’m no gigolo.

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