Sure my husband is 15 years older than me- but unfortunately we’re not vampires

I live in New York City and write a blog called Married my Sugar daddy, so you can pretty much imagine that every wannabe the next salacious reality show looking to parade about a woman who’d admit she married purely for money and wears a big gold dollar sign proudly on her chest, seems to send me an email. “Apparently” having a blog with this title is kind of asking for that type of attention- although if you read even one post- or the about Melissa Chapman page you’ll know that I am not a money grubbing whore.

Sure my husband is 15 years older than me- but unfortunately we're not vampires

I always dated older guys- and just happened to marry someone who was substantially older than me- and therefore- being on this earth 15 years longer than me- he kinda had a head start in accumulating wealth. Oh and he used to practice medicine- but is currently retired.. but I digress. The point is- yes we might have a bit of an unconventional relationship mainly because of our age difference- and so when this soon to be launched reality show contacted me about being featured on a series about couples with differences I thought it could be fun…until I actually spoke to the casting director.

Apparently in this day and age- having a 15 year age gap does not make you a unique enough couple to warrant broadcasting your personal love story to the world on the tube. No- they were also trying to get a sense of whether either of us were

A) vampires
B) had some awful facial deformity tat the other one has chosen to love and accept
C) a convicted felon who is trying to reform,
D) spending our days cross dressing

I should’ve realized, after a not so fruitful, downright RIDICULOUS TV show I recently went on, where the pre-interviews I did were completely scrapped and when I got there was given a script- of things I never said to read on national television- that, if there was ANY chance anyone would want to cast my husband and in a reality show- we’d have to bring a lot more titillating facets of our relationship to the forefront in order to be approved.

The truth is–we’re just your average couple- yes we’ve got a few skeletons although I can assure you none of them involve drinking blood and sleeping in coffins. We are married and our relationship is far from perfect- and those fifteen years between us–seem to evaporate when it comes to our mutual love for our kids. But when it comes to music, pop culture references, or the fact that my husband could go an entire day without saying more than five words, and I probably could not muster such a feat if paid in great sums of cash is when our differences(age notwithstanding) make our differences more pronounced and make us appear like we are on opposite ends of the relationship spectrum.


  1. Shauna says

    Ha, ha, ha… I can’t believe they asked you if you were vampires, felons, etc. That is hilarious. I feel like reality tv should be called CRAZY tv… ha! BTW – you and your hubby sound totally happy, so screw everyone who are nay-sayers

  2. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I think that when you get older like this, age doesn’t matter. If you are happy then that’s all that matters. Good for you!

  3. Debi Gerhart says

    It is such an odd thing that people would judge a couple’s happiness by their age. I love that you two are a perfect match for each other and regardless of the nay-sayers are sharing your relationship with us.

  4. Jody Smith says

    Just 8 years between hubby and me but I feel age once you are an adult, is just a number! If you are happy, great for you!!!

  5. Jonna says

    I think if you are happy and compliment each other, age doesn’t matter! It’s hilarious you weren’t crazy enough for reality tv!

  6. says

    It’s amazing how crazy reality shows are! I can’t believe they asked if you guys were vampires lol. I think all that is important is that you two are happy (and honestly I don’t think 15 years is that much of an age difference once everyone is legal adults).

  7. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I do not think it should matter what the age difference is in a relationship. My parents had good friends that have an 18 year difference and they have been together over 25 years.

  8. Lisa Bristol says

    If you are in love and happy why should it matter if there is a age difference. People should keep their comments to themselves if they do not have anything nice to say.

  9. says

    I have always dated men at least a decade older than myself but it’s more to do with that’s who I seem to connect with and I don’t see age as a big deal. It’s who they are! You’re obviously in the relationship with him for who he is and people are ignorant! The reality show sounds dumb! Boo at them- better to be average and normal than sleeping in a coffin 🙂

  10. says

    Age is just a number. Love is what is important in a relationship. No matter a person’s age there is bound to be differences between people in said relationship.

  11. Marta says

    My husband is 16 years older than me and we are happy married 7 years – 5 years old son. (me 34 – he is 50). I am only thinking about now getting another child if is not too late for HIM. Or I have questions what\’s going to be in next 30 years. I will be 64 my husband 80 that will make me fell older than I am. At the moment I make him younger than he is. Life is funny

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