Could your marriage survive a LOVE CHILD?

Honestly, after 14 years of marriage, I have no idea how I would react if my husband revealed to me that he had fathered a child with another woman. And that’s the weird part about entering into a marital union — you think you know someone enough to take vows of monogamy, but ultimately you enter into the union with this sort of blind faith and trust. You assume that you can trust that this person will only sleep with you. But unless you are on him like white on rice 24/7, or have him tailed by a private eye 24/7, how can any of us guarantee, or know for sure that our spouses will not and have not strayed?

I have always told my husband that if I ever caught him cheating on me, that would be the end of our marriage. And how, you ask, could I say that with such certainty? Because marriage is a leap of blind faith and trust. You put your confidence in another human being that they will not forsake you, and that regardless of whatever temptations, fears, or perhaps boredom, they will be honest enough with you to talk about their feelings rather than getting naked and busy with another person. You trust if they feel the need to go outside your marriage for sexual gratification, they’d have the decency to tell you they were considering this so as not to soil the sanctity of the union you share.

I would rather my husband tell me he wants to be with another woman, as opposed to 14 years later having to find out he fathered another child. To have actually produced an heir — another physical person — with the one with whom he shared sexual pleasure outside of our marriage … well, in my opinion it would be the ultimate, unforgivable betrayal.

In the case of the Terminator and Shriver, there was ultimately no way for Arnold to cover his cheating tracks, as his dalliance produced a love child. There can never be a way for this couple to go back, because there is a living breathing human being who is a constant reminder of his father’s betrayal.

I guess my real question is … what if Arnold and this woman didn’t produce a love child? Would Maria ever have been privy to his indiscretions?

How do any of us really know whether our better halves are faithful? If this happened in your marriage, could you ever conceive of the possibility of forgiveness?


  1. says

    Here’s my food for thought on this case… Maria knew the whole time – she ended the marriage because it was finally being thrown back in her face – something very un-Kennedy like.

    I think she was down with whatever was happening at the time but was always like thats your world and if it doesnt come into my world it would be ok…

    there is no way she didnt know he was cheating on her (and I sure the love baby mama wasnt the first or last) — the governor was a dog — look at all of his old late night tv appearances – I think there is even a youtube reel of his sleazy comments.

    We’ll never know if Maria was ok with it and just dumped him because it became to crazy for her not to dump him… heck we wouldnt know if Maria was in the room at the time handling her own business… you know who knows – Maria and when she writes the tell all book America will sit there and read it cover to cover.

  2. says

    My husband broke up with his girlfriend three weeks before he met me. She got pregnant very quickly after. I’ve always wondered who the real father is. For some reason, it doesn’t bother me at all. It was the start of our relationship. If it is the case, I’d be happy to welcome another child into my home. If it happened now? That’s another story. The sex part is the problem. It’s the unprotected sex part. Because if you can get her pregnant, she can give you an STD. If you get an STD and are hiding it from me…then I’m going to have a mystery STD…

  3. elissapr says

    I just had the most interesting conversation with a friend of what a man’s needs are: “they need to be f**ked and fed.” And if they’re not getting those two things…they will stray. Now that’s a very simplistic version – but likely not far from the truth.

  4. Jessica @peekababy says

    I agree with Adam, I think she must’ve known but freaked out when it hit the public eye.
    As for me? If I discovered that my husband had a love child, the marriage would be over because I would have killed him. Pretty sure he’d do the same to me, lol. Expecting that your spouse not sleep with someone else, should be a no-brainer…

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