Big Busted gals- finally there is a show FOR US Lifetime’s DOUBLE DIVAS and I am READY to BREAK out the Cleavage

I’ve been blessed with a rather large set of girls since the very tender age of 13. In fact when I was 22 and waitressing one of my restaurant manager’s girlfriend “accused me” of lying about my boob job. Hand to Gd- I have had no boob work done- and this would be VERY apparent were I to take a gander on a topless beach… The cold hard truth is my girls need to be strapped into one of those industrial strength bras,  you know the ones with 8,000 hooks…And let me tell you something there is NOTHING sexy about one of those straight jacket like bras– for some reason the bra companies think us big breasted girls don’t need to bother with feminine frilly lace and racy colors— because our BOOBS don’t need any extra special TLC or attention. AND that’s where these bra and lingerie companies are COMPLETELY missing the boat!!  And I must say I envy my smaller boobed girls- who get to prance around in matching cutesy bra and panty sets, while I am strapped into a very sensible and completely SEXLESS bra and panty set ( the kind I’m assuming my grandma would’ve sported in the 1800’s).

HOW AWESOMETASTIC IS THIS Double Divas Bratastrophe Prevention Kit to help prevent any future bra incidents! (The kit includes a $100 VISA gift card for lingerie, Commando Cleavage Cupcakes, a Hanky Panky Thong Set, Hollywood Fashion Tape, Clear Bra Straps, Breast Lift Tape, Bra Converting Clips and Low Beams.)

Which is why I am REALLY excited about the brand spanking new Lifetime Reality show Double Divas – which follows LiviRae owners and best friends Molly Hopkins, the “boob whisperer,” and Cynthia Richards, the “Thomas Edison” of custom lingerie, as they display their natural talent helping women with any and all intimate apparel needs.And  I love their policy of  ensuring that all of us BIG BOOBED ladies get to don some lacy lingerie too– but ones that  as my husband would say, ” Won’t get us arrested if we wear them to pick up our kids from school, because they will not only be sexy but SUPPORTIVE!”


And I am ESPECIALLY in LOVE these bra tips straight from the “boob whisperers” themselves Molly and Cynthia:

-Every women should own at least seven bras

-You should have a bra for every day of the week because you wear them every day of the week

-If you think you’re a D, you’re probably a G

-You should also have two to three basics, sport, strapless, sexy/fun and black lace bras

-If it’s remotely visible, it’s not a secret

-The newest bra trends are: high-waisted brief, panty with garters coupled with a retro bullet bra and sheer cups in neon colors

-If you only have one bra, make it a black lace bra

Of course I will be GLUED to Lifetime TV for the premiere of #DoubleDivas on @lifetimetv January 10 at 10/9c to watch the  “boob whisperers” themselves Molly and Cynthia work their magic and will be happliy Tweeting along with @Lifetimemoms and TAKING lots of notes! Who is joining me?!

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