Valentine’s Day at home date nights: Spa at Home and Get your romance on!

Remember the sizzle of a new relationship? When you two were so hot for each other, it was hard to get through the dinner part of the date? Well bring it back! And this Valentine’s Day it can be done. Just make a plan. Buy some champagne, get some sexy lingerie, aromatherapy candles, draw a bubble bath and be a giggly, newly in-love, uninhibited couple again.

Give each other long, slow massages as you let go of all the hats you wear — Mom, Dad, husband, wife, employee,  etc., and be just one thing for two hours: Two adults in love.

Here are a few ways to help you get started!

Give each other a soft and slow foot massage. With a product like Avon Skin so soft, you can take your boo’s feet and  envelope their rough  skin in luxurious softness and a warm sensual scent. With Passion Fruit Oil.  And all it costs is $8.00 and requires you to use some of your massaging skills!

Give one another the ideal at-home spa experience. With the help of Aveda’s Replenishment Gift Set SRP $49 you can create a perfect cozy and relaxing night at home.

The set includes four calming body must-haves:

·  Travel size smoothing body polish 75 ml

·  Replenishing body moisturizer 125 ml

·  Travel size soothing aqua therapy 6 oz

·  Travel size hand reliefTM 40 ml

Once you are both relaxed- get your romance on. Sometimes a romantic, spontaneous “quickie” is very exciting and revitalizing to a marriage. Dive into your bedroom or any other part of your home, draw the curtains, and turn on some sexy music.  The fact that you have to be quick about it, can make it that much more exciting.

To set a romantic mood: use a Scandle Original Massage Candle or the new Shimmering Lotion Candle.
The Original Scandle® Body Candle is a candle that burns at 2 degrees above body temperature to produce a soothing and healthy body oil. The first ever Scandle Shimmering Lotion Candle is a candle that burns at 2 degrees above body temperature to produce a shimmering, fragrant lotion to give your skin a healthy, sexy & flawless glow!

And of course it’s always fun to attempt a Nine and a Half Weeks scenario….

This is probably one of the most well known film seduction scenes and acting it out with your lover can lead to some heated passionate exchanges. Take your lover, blindfold him (and if you’re really feeling frisky bind his hands together, too). Have him sit on a chair, take an ice cube and gently glide it down the nape of his neck and on any other erogenous zones you find interesting. Tease and titillate your lover with this ice cube while planting intermittent butterfly kisses on every exposed body part – all while whispering seductive phrases into his ear. After five minutes he will be begging you to ravish him.

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