Are you ready to take the Scott Naturals 4 week test drive (and win a mega pack of its hybrid paper products & a Ford Fusion Hybrid Sedan)!

Congratulations to our winner Christy!

Let me preface everything I write with this disclaimer; I could never have survived both of my children’s infancies without disposable diapers and I’d likely choose going to the movies over taking a hike in the forest. That being said I’ve also become incredibly anxious in light of all the recent natural disasters that, as a planet, we’ve been pummeled with on what feels like a weekly basis. And it’s getting harder to chalk up these earthquakes, tsunamis and even intense NYC snowstorms as nothing more than Mother Nature being fickle. In fact there are countless scientists who are suggesting this barrage of natural disasters are the consequences of global warming and such weather patterns will continue to wreak havoc on the earth we’re leaving to our children. Imagine leaving these children that we hold so dear, whose fragile psyches we painstakingly nurture and whose college tuitions we save for as soon as they’re safely out of the womb, with a world depleted of its natural resources.

As a result I’m always looking for Easy Ways To Go Green at Home, Work and Play and here are just a few of the things I try to incorporate into my daily routine to make it more green and eco-friendly.

We try and recycle everything. I’m talking converting old clothes into shamatas, Barbie and baby doll clothes, gifting them to friends with small kids and finding ways to reuse them as opposed to chucking them in the trash.

We try to conserve water by telling our kids to take army showers… we make it into a game-my kids have got it down to a science at this point and can shampoo, wash their bodies and rinse in less than five minutes (yes I am a proud mama)

-We’ve changed every bulb in our house to the energy saver ones, as well as unplugging any and all electronic devices that are not being used.

Every product that comes into our house is recycled; take-out containers are converted into storage bins for our kids’ toys) especially those with small pieces, and we even encourage the kids to personalize them with markers and pugffy paints.

-All old books and videos are donated to our kid’s schools as well as toys they no longer have use for.

Feeling as strongly as I do about lowering my family’s carbon footprint when the team at The Motherhood asked me to be a part of the Scott Naturals “Take the 4-Week Test Drive Sweepstakes,” and test out its line of hybrid paper products for four weeks well it was a NO BRAINER. Anything I can do to decrease my family’s eco-footprint is a cause I am incredibly supportive of and the fact that a huge company like Scott Naturals (a product we use ANYWAY ) is behind this- well it made it that much sweeter. And I’ll admit it- I’m a TOTAL CONVERT!! Their line is virtually indiscernible from their regular one- their Scott Naturals bath tissue, Scott Naturals moist flushable wipes, Scott Naturals paper towels and Scott Naturals napkins, in my humble opinion will get people to rethink their notion of environmentally friendly products. As the world’s first line of “hybrid” paper products, , the Scott Naturals brand combines the green benefits of recycled fiber with the quality people want, making it easy to take a green step forward. If every American pledged to use Scott Naturals for four weeks, it would save two million trees. If everyone who took a flight today took the 4-Week Test Drive, there would be 14,240 trees saved. (For more of these startling facts about one’s eco-footprint check out ).

So here’s how it works: Between April 4 and September 30, people can go and pledge to participate in the Scott Naturals 4-Week Test Drive Program. While taking the pledge, they can enter for a chance to win a Ford Fusion hybrid sedan. Once you pledge to take the 4-Week Test Drive, coupons for each product are available at . And after you take the pledge and enter the sweeps on the website you can share it on Facebook here
As part of this project, Scott Naturals will be making a donation to the National Wildlife Federation. For every unique click-thru from Scott Naturals will donate $1 (up to $25,000 total) to the National Wildlife Federation. The challenge is to deliver 25,000 unique clicks, because Scott will donate up to $25,000 to NWF – just for this project!

Over the next four weeks, I am one of 40 bloggers who, in honor of Earth Month and in support of Scott Naturals hybrid paper products, will host a giveaway on our individual blogs offering up one Scott Naturals Kit, awarded each week per blog for four weeks. So just how you can nab one of these AMAZING Scott Naturals Kit includes (Scott Naturals Tissue, Scott Naturals Towels, Scott Naturals Napkins, Scott Naturals Flushable Moist Wipes) on and take a chance at winning a new Ford Fusion hybrid sedan, KEEP READING!

Visit and make a virtual pledge to take the 4-Week Test Drive and Enter to win the “Take the 4-Week Test Drive” Sweepstakes which is reminding consumers that they don’t have to sacrifice affordability and quality for green. Leave a comment on this blog post sharing that you’ve taken the pledge, have entered the 4-Week Test Drive Sweepstakes and one way you will go green in 2011. One person can win up to four times during the four weeks of the sweepstakes, but only one time each week. One winner will be selected in a random drawing and notified by email. Good luck! Giveaway ends Saturday April 16th!

*Disclosure; I am being compensated by to participate in this project, however all views in this blog post as well as in every other post throughout this blog are MY OWN!


  1. Christal Couturier says

    “I'm ready to take the Scott Naturals 4 week test drive (and win a mega pack of its hybrid paper products & a Ford Fusion Hybrid Sedan)!”

    I try to recycle everything and buy post consumer products as well

  2. Jacob says

    I took the pledge and I am going to ride my bike as much as possible. I will try to not drive at all on weekends and I even ride to the grocery store (with a reusable bag of course)

  3. Gena says

    I went and took the pledge and I am going to not waste electricity. I won't leave lights or the TV on when not in use and I am getting the efficient lights so they will use less electricity when they are in use


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