Apparently Miley Cyrus thinks a woman’s vagina seals shut once she turns 40 and she is destined for a life of celibacy

Miley Cyrus is 20 years old- she has NO IDEA what Magical Sex is- whether or not 40 year olds are actually having sex and really anything else related to sex OUTSIDE OF HER OWN Sexual Experiences. But she is 20 and those of us who have been a 20-year-old ( for me that was LITERALLY 20 years ago) can attest to the fact that 20 year olds make generalizations. And yes they make stupid, inane comments about things they know nothing of because they are 20 years old.

a woman's vagina seals shut once she turns 40?

Yesterday I shared some Words of WISDOM from The VERY ASTUTE owner of Turning Leaf Bodywork who I happen to PERSONALLY ADORE- who had this to say about Miley Cyrus’ recent revelations regarding the 40 -year-old virgins we all apparently are:

“So, I guess I have about 7 months before my vagina seals up like the tomb of King Tutankhamen. To Miley I say, whore it up now, sister, because before you know it you’ll be 40 yourself and then it’s cobweb city. Then again she probably got that information from her mother and if I were married to Billy Ray Cyrus I’d pull out that excuse to keep away from his achy breaky crotch, too. “#stupidshit20yearoldssay

So here is the real question; Is Miley onto something? For me personally I think sex, like everything else in life waxes and wanes depending on where you are in your personal and professional life. I don’t believe a woman’s age has anything to do with whether or not she is a sexual creature. What I do know for sure is that at 40 I am so much more infinitely in sync with and at peace with my body, with my pleasure and realize that sex is NOT JUST about one particular physical act but- if experienced properly- is truly a meeting of the mind, spirit and physical bodies of two people who are so connected to one another that the only way they can get that much closer and for those precious moments in time is  through the actual act of sex.

Maybe it’s just me- but I don’t think Ms. Miley is there yet—- what are your thoughts? Oh and do you REALLY THINK A a woman’s vagina seals shut once she turns 40?

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