Apparently if your married sex life wanes, your husband will take up with the housekeeper or babysitter

I’m GUILTY as charged… insofar as I’ve written countless top 10 ways to keep your married sex life spicy, hot, by being the good wife in the kitchen and the hooker wife in the bedroom. Of course ANYONE who has been married for longer than six months knows this cold, hard truth about married sex; it wanes, and no amount of chains and whipped cream has the magical ability to transform sex with the same person into the experience of that first time sexual encounter with someone new. The only way to simulate that experience is t actually do it- which would in effect (unless you’re a sister wife polygamist) be considered committing infidelity.

And yet when celebrities like the Terminator  or the uber hot Indie star cheat- we look at them and point fingers and wonder why they do it? And here’s my take- because -like all of us do- they want to recapture that same lustful experience- that when married- is simply unable to be resurrected.  Of course having a pile of money, and the ability to keep said trysts under wraps- is also in  their favor. But ultimately what it boils down to is;  if you are really invested in your marriage- married sex- while it may not be that hanging from the chandeliers, 9 and half weeks blindfold your spouse and massage their bare chest with an ice cube kind of encounter- is more about reconnecting and solidifying the vows you’ve take and the commitment you’ve made to one another.

It’s about getting even closer to that person who who you’ve created kids with and built a family unit. It’s about connecting in the most intimate way and strengthening the bonds you’ve established.  Don’t get me wrong- are there moments when I contemplate the newness of sex with another , outside of my marriage?  Maybe for about a second. But then I quickly think; is three minutes of pure lust (DON’T TELL ME IT”S LONGER THAN 3 MINUTES!) – worth trashing a lifetime of trust, love and commitment? You listening to me Mr. Terminator?


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