Another celebrity marriage bites the dust but this time it’s PERSONAL

I’ve interviewed my fair share of celebrities; Selena Gomez, Melora Hardin, Marcia Gay Harden to name just a few. Some of them were as vacuous and anal retentive as the characters they’ve played. I’ve waited on line with some and ferociously barked out questions as we stood and watched their child get face painted (that celebrity who will remain nameless was one of the ONLY Q&A’s I never submitted for publication because her answers were just so ridiculously curt and plain NOT interesting–but I DIGRESS). I’ve run down flights of stairs with some and crammed into elevators with others just to get that one fabulous sound bite. For the most part 90 percent of these celebrities have ONLY spoken to me with their publicist present.

That is except for two celebrities: Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth.

I interviewed this married couple separately Jennie Garth Peter Facinelli in relation to the individual projects they were each involved in at the time and I remember telling my husband how utterly grounded and down to earth each of them seemed to be. That they really appeared to have defied the marital Hollywood odds and managed to make their union and family a priority.

This is what Jennie said when asked : As working actors, you and Peter must have incredibly demanding schedules. What’s the key to your successful 15-year marriage?

In Hollywood, 15 years is more like 150 years! We’re really proud of the fact that we’ve been together for such a long time. I think marriage is really challenging for anyone, but especially for us, since we’re apart from each other a lot. But we’re both really committed to staying together, raising our children together and growing old together. Peter and I don’t spend a lot of time out on the town and we don’t give an iota what the paparazzi does. We’re actors in the industry, but we don’t live the Hollywood lifestyle.

And here is a tidbit from Peter’s interview When I asked him: How do you juggle it all?

We take it one day at a time. My family is just as important to me as making movies, writing and producing. I fly home constantly to be with my wife and kids. I make my relationship with them a priority.

Perhaps none of us TRULY knows what goes behind the closed doors of a marriage– and how celebrity and time spent apart can ultimately wreak havoc on a couple’s intimacy. All I know is that the dissolution of this celebrity marriage just makes me plain sad.


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    The thing to remember is that every marriage has problems, celebrity or not. Sometimes the celebrity status compounds things but they may also go through the same growing pains we all do. Regardless, it’s still sad.

    Now… if I buy you a few drinks sometime, will you reveal some of those nameless celebrities to me?

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