All I want for mother’s day is perfume (and to pretend I’m not a mother for a few minutes)

Congratulations to our winner TRUE!

Don’t get me wrong I love being a mother…most days. Honestly, I never knew I had the capacity to love another being as selflessly as I do my kids and I am forever awed by the fact that I created two little individuals who can be so charming, frustrating and disarming all at once.  Despite how exhausting and oftentimes thankless being a mother may seem, when my kids put their arms around my neck and tell me they love me, all the chauffeuring, vomit cleaning, homework assistance, meal planning and refereeing seem to melt away. These two happy, little people I have sprung from my loins are daily reminders that the sacrifices and grinds that can sometimes make mothering feel like all work and no play are proof that ultimately its gifts are boundless.

And yet- in the same breath there are moments- though few and far between that I might hear the lyrics of a song or stand on my front porch at the peak of a crisp, early evening and for a split second feel like  I’m back in my early 20’s when evenings signaled a freedom and possibility to be, explore or just relish in being as selfish and self-indulgent as I wanted to be( key word for buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and sit in bed watching marathons of Bewitched till I felt satiated).

Then I became a mother and well- the opportunities to be as self-indulgent as I want have become as scarce as my ability to down a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and not have it add 15 pounds to my butt by the next morning – unfortunately my metabolism at 37 is not burning calories as fast and furiously as it was in my 20’s. But there is something about indulging in a bottle of perfume that is just so divinely egotistical. It is an action that is all about me-and as a mother sometimes the ability to separate who you are and what you need from the needs and wants of your kids is an impossibility, yet with a pump of spray- for those brief moments I indulge my passion-my love of sweet smelling scents- not to appease my kids- but to appease me, and it feels great.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, I want to help you embrace your inner single, indulgent-self- and pamper that woman inside who is not only  an individual with wants and needs that deserve to be attended to. And yes – it might just be perfume- but if you see it as a metaphor for giving yourself permission to indulge- the possibilities are endless.

And so mamas I am happy to offer one lucky reader the deliciously glorious scents care of two diva women who KNOW how to indulge their passions… Beyonce’s Heat Rush and Celine Dion Pure Brilliance;  Two PERFECT  last minute gifts for Mother’s Day, that won’t break the bank, will save time (walk over no driving required to your local drug and department store) to pick up AND show the mama in your life that you appreciate exactly who she is.

Beyoncé Heat Rush ($59 for 3.4 fl oz.: Department stores nationwide):  instantly captures attention with sparkling top notes of passion fruit, blood orange and Brazilian cherry. While  Celine Dion’s Pure Brilliance ($33.50 for 1.7 fl oz.: Mass merchandisers nationwide) is an exhilarating fruity floral that opens with a sparkling combination of Pear, Apple, Green Leaves and Freesia.

For a chance to win these two fragrances- leave a comment here about the best Mother’s Day experience you’ve ever had ( it can be about anything I just love hearing sweet, humorous heartwarming anecdotes!) For a second entry you can follow me on twitter at Madijack and for a third entry you can like Married my sugar daddy on facebook. Good Luck giveaway ends Friday May 13th at 12 midnight EST


  1. Margaret Smith says

    The best Mothers Day experience that I've had is when oldest son was 4 years old and he made me my first homemade mothers day card. It was made with construction paper and it was a copy of his arm stretched out, so I can have a hug even when he wasn't near. He was so proud about his creation and the joy in his eyes, really made me cry. He's now 13 and I still treasure this card and keep it in my hope chest.

    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.


  2. nickie says

    The best Mothers Day experience that I’ve had is when my 2 year old son and husband made me breakfest in bed and cleaned the kitchen afterwards 🙂

  3. true says

    When asked what he got me for mother's day by his father, our son smiled widely and said. "I threw out that awful dish you always say you hate, so you can get a new one."

    My husband and I sent looked to each other in realization then horror.

    "What dish is that?" My mother in law asked. Yes, she had given us the hideous dish for Christmas.

    "That old lady one you gave them for Christmas, Mim." Our son frowned at her. "Who gives plates for Christmas gifts, huh?"

    We burst out laughing, mostly from being embarrassed enough to die.

  4. ana gomes says

    when my daughter gave me a gift of a bib. I was not to intelligent that day. So I thought wow ok maybe she makes fun of the way i eat popcorn(all over the place). But at least she thought of me. finally figured out she was going to be a mom

  5. Ann F says

    My best Mother's Day memory is when my husband made a plaque with my daughter's hand prints and a poem about a daughter's love for her mom

  6. Jennifer Horton says

    I'm not a mother myself, but my favorite mother's days were the ones I spent with my mother. I now live about 3,000 miles away from her and have to settle for a phone call each year!

    I also follow you on twitter (@reigndrop)

  7. Kathy Dunaway says

    My best Mother's Day memory is of my kids bringing home things that they had made me in school.I love the handprint creations they made.Also love the flowers that they grew for me.

  8. LOIS PAYTON says

    My best mothers days were went my girls made the cards and gift themselfs, GOD BLESS YA'LL

  9. Kimberly L says

    The best Mothers Day experience that I’ve had is the first Mother's Day after my husband and I were married. My two step-daughters took it upon themselves at the age of 12 and 9 – to ask my Mother-n-law to take them shopping for a Mother's Day gift for me. They gave me a beautiful houseplant with a card addressed to 'Mom'. It is a memory I will carry with me for my lifetime.

  10. Kathleen says

    The best Mother's Day I ever had was when my daughter and granddaughter made me breakfast, lunch and dinner and cleaned my house. It's the small things.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  11. Jernero says

    The best Mother's Day experience for me was when I was a little kid, and I made my mom a card, cooked her breakfast, and planted her a flower. Every year, I used to make my mom a gift, because she thought my "homemade" gifts were wayyy more special than diamonds and pearls.

    I remember she put my card, and my flower on her dresser, next to the previous cards that I made her. The card I made her, that year, had hearts all over it, and it said, "I love you, mommy. Happy Mother's Day". She still has all of the cards that I gave her. I'll never forget what I made her for breakfast. It was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apple juice, strawberries, and grapes. I thought I was a chef. I was in the first grade, and I just remember the smile my mom had on her face. Those memories make me so happy because my love for my mom has never changed. I still make her homemade cards, and I still tell her I love her. My mom is a perfume junkie, so I would love to win this giveaway for her. She has done so much for me, and I thinks it's time to pay her back. All she wants is wants is HAPPINESS. Thanks for this great giveaway.

    I follow you on Twitter(@JerneroBrandell).

    I "liked" you on FaceBook(Jernero Brandell).

  12. says

    I loved it one year when my daughter brought home a poem from school along with a tea packet from school. It was so sweet and special and she was so happy seeing me drink the tea.

  13. Lisa says

    On behalf of my mother I now the best mother's day story has to be her children fighting over who could take her out first and treat her to lunch, dinner and gifts..what a problem to have, huh?

  14. Jean F says

    It was my first Mother's Day. As a single mom, I had adopted. We lay on the beach, side by side, just being together was enough

  15. Helen Stockwell says

    Two mothers day ago my sister told us that she was pregnant with our first boy! It was exciting!

  16. Courtney S says

    My best Mother's Day was when my kids cleaned the hous from top to bottom while I was sleeping!

  17. Brittney says

    I've only been a mom for 4 years, so I don't have any super great stories just yet. I just like that my husband always has me a card and flowers from him, and something "from my daughter" also. Just lets me know that he doesn't forget.

    brittneydejajason (at) gmail(dot)com

  18. ferriz says

    When I was 6 I decided to make mommy breakfast in bed…. without the help of daddy. I think ketchup, fruitloops, sprite, and oatmeal were involved. Cant believe my mom had the guts to try it and didnt puke after!


  19. says

    My Mother's Day was a few years ago when the girls (my step-daughters) came out and brought flowers, a sweet card and presents. We had always celebrated step-mother's day prior to that the weekend after mother's day. It still makes me tear up to think how far we've come as a family.

  20. Rosie says

    Best Mother's Day experience was in New York City at a Mother's Day brunch at the Gramercy Park Hotel's rooftop garden. It was a beautiful day. The food was excellent and I had a great time with my daughter who arranged the entire trip.

  21. Holly C. says

    My best mother's day experience was when my new stepchildren gave me a beautiful mother's day card and flowers!

  22. Rebecca Peters says

    My best mothers day was this past year.. Not because I got anything special.. because my 7 year old tried to be a sweety and changed her younger sisters (1) poopy diaper.. she didn't come running to me to tell me madelynn pooped.. she just went ahead and changed it, and this all took place while i was still in bed!

  23. Rosey says

    My best Mother's Day was when me and the kids (three of them at the time) drove to Ohio, from Florida, to surprise my grandmother and mom for the day. I can still see my grandma running out of the house w/that complete look of sweet/happy she always had, and we knew she was delighted to see us. She always was. 🙂

  24. rebecca says

    I suppose these many years hence, it was that first mothers day, when I could look at my little boy, and thank him for allowing me to join the ranks of motherhood. I am sure he threw up in my hair minutes later, but such is a day in the life of a mother.

  25. says

    I just had my first Mother's Day – we went on a walk in the nature preserve by our house and then had brunch with the in laws and chilled out. It was wonderful!

  26. clynsg says

    As is true of a lot of mothers, my best Mother's Day involved a gift from a child–my grandson put a lot of work into a picture for me, and my daughter then framed it and he handed it to me all prettily wrapped (don't think he did that!). It has been hanging on my kitchen wall for years.

  27. Diane Baum says

    My best mother's day experience actually happened the next day, when my first born son's adoption became legal on the next day-Beautiful, awesome….

  28. ashley r. says

    last year my son & I were in disneyland for mother's day.

    he paid for lunch, he went on all of my favorite kiddie rides with no complaints, and we just buzzed around and hung out all day. truly the perfect day.

  29. Kendra G says

    when I was given a rosebush for mother's day, as I love roses and that way I have them every year!!!

  30. Mary B. says

    My best Mother's Day memory was when my 12-old-daughter baked her first cake for me on her own. It was lop-sided and the icing was half on the serving dish, but it was the best tasting Mother's Day cake I ever had.

  31. lisa says

    I don't really do mother's day because I feel everyday should be special for my mom. The best day I had with my mom was when I was a kid she use to take me out to lunch at a diner and then to the toy store. Good times.

  32. kathy pease says

    my favorite was aboout 4 years ago when my daughter made me the most gorgeous quilt in her home ec class at school..she was beaming and so proud and so was i 🙂

  33. R Hicks says

    I gave my Mom a great Mothers Day eexperience this year when I surprised her with a nice pearl necklace and then took her out for a very nice dinner

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  34. forreall says

    When my son was two for mothers day he want to give me flowers so while we were outside so he could play he went over and picked me this 2 year old handful of grass and weeds. He was so sweet he gave me the cutest smile and said Happy Mommy's Day I picked these just for you. I took them in pressed them later in a book to keep.

  35. Mary Dailey says

    I always loved it when my little son got to pick out my Mother’s Day present and give it to me. He was always sooooo excited and it was so cute!

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