According to this chart I SUCK as a wife

I’ve mentioned on this blog several times how I love my husband; truly, madly and quite passionately and I do my darndest to be a good little wife  except of course when it comes to; getting to bed on time, putting my cold feet on my husband’s to warm my own oh and my horrible habit of wearing red nail polish!

Do you think I’m being too hard on myself? Do you crinkle your nose in disbelief as you just read what I rattled off as my shortcomings as a wife? Well, fortunately for me we live in 2012 and NOT in the 1930’s when women and their wifely demeanor was subject to cruel and unusual charts such as the one below, raising the bar to fairytale heights, and forcing women to live (if they subscribed to such RIDICULOUS ideals) in quiet desperation.

Thanks for sharing this with me

There are so very many things that are misogynistic about this list-(thank you SO VERY MUCH for sharing it with me The LUXURY SPOT ) it also seems like it must have been a hoax. Sadly it’s much more reflective of the unscrupulous men who held the women of their society to unattainable standards and probably were the culprit behind so much of those women’s HYSTERIA…. Did anyone else see the movie Frances, starring the brilliant Jessica Lange who portrayed the independent and strong willed actress Frances Farmer, who clearly did not subscribe to such a list- and thus was lobotomized due to her hysterical nature?!

But just for kicks and because in 2012 we can look at this list and laugh off its insanity…are you a good wife or a bad wife?


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