A Sugar Daddy’s Three Valentine’s Day Marriage Resolutions for 2013

Every now and again when my husband agrees to it- I ask him to share some of his wisdom with readers of this blog. I mean he is 54 years old, so he’s lived long enough to amass a certain level of experience just by the sheer fact that he’s lived on this planet for over half a century– that’s got to count for something right?!

So without further ado I give you this “Sugar Daddy’s” Valentine’s Day Marriage Resolutions for 2013– oh and for those of you who don’t know it already– he’s not REALLY a Sugar Daddy ( he just plays one to fit the narrative of this blog).

#1 Be more considerate to my wife’s feelings. Husbands need to do this because our relationships are important to us- they’re our lives. Being on board with our wives feelings and needs will improve our relationship and our lives overall. Bottom line: Happy wife happy life ( that was Melissa’s catch phrase but I’ll let her insert it here).

#2 Be tolerant of our spouse’s weaknesses. If your wife is not good at certain things ( with us- Melissa Can’t cook and I am not very tech savvy) be tolerant of those weaknesses, in other words- NEVER CALL YOUR WIFE STUPID, and don’t get upset if you put them in a situation that requires them to perform a skill they are not equipped to do.

#3 Support your wife’s resolutions and attempts at self improvement. Melissa has been going to the gym and she’s losing weight and enjoying it, and I need to support this change in her lifestyle by not eating my usual stash of junk food– as hard as it is- because supporting her new healthy lifestyle is going to make her happier and me as well.

So husbands and wives out there..got to any to add?

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