5 tips guaranteed to make you the perfect mother-in-law

We’re still grieving my dad’s passing. It’s hard to articulate the mourning process because it is so individual- while I like to talk to ANYONE who will listen; my mother wants to see NO ONE. She wants to hole up in her bedroom, with several boxes of cookies; Turner Classic Movies and never reenter natural daylight. I get it, really I do. I can’t fathom, after having lived with someone for 47 years, the inability to see, touch, feel and talk to that person. So we’re rotating my mom between our houses- and since I live closest, she’s currently sitting in my living room and we’re watching a GUNSMOKE marathon.

So how does my husband feel about his Mother-in-law hanging with us…indefinitely? Really at this moment in time- he’s just going to have to suck it up. I can’t leave my mother alone right now- none of us can- she’s so fragile- and any song, photo, or even a telephone conversation can send her into a tailspin of gut wrenching sobs that are heartbreaking.

 So I’ve compiled a list for her – my top 5 tips to ensure she is the perfect mother in-law to the three son-in-laws she’ll be seeing on a very regular basis.

-Shut your pie hole. Let your son-in-law believe you think that everything he does is amazing- and DON’T tell your daughter who during the throes of passion- might leak out what you REALLY said, “That bum son-in-law”.

– When you are near him and not near him heap him up with compliments to the kazoo.  You want to keep your daughter from ever coming back to your house (after you finally got rid of her) and so you must make him feel like he is the king of not only his castle- but of everyone’s castle.

-Tell him constantly (even when you know he is doing wrong) that he is the best parent that has ever roamed the earth.  He’ll treat your grandchildren better and he may just flash you his pearly whites every once in a while. And if he is saying something that you don’t agree with when it comes to your daughter or grandkids- don’t confront- just WALK out of the room- and add more bailey’s to your coffee mug.

– Shower him with gifts.  Not just for his birthday- but gifts just for being a great son-in-law. C’mon who doesn’t like to be spoiled!

Filter everything you say, so that it comes out squeaky clean.  Ultimately both you (and your daughter) will be the recipient of his goodness. Also you never want to be the reason for any strife between your daughter and son -in-law because that just means her and the kids will pack it up and be waiting at your doorstep.

Got any to add?!


  1. Robert G says

    I like the tips Melissa. Hmmm…do you think your mom will incorporate them into her daily life? If she does, my lfe will change dramatically!

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