5 things this wife’s husband does that NEVER GET OLD

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Being married for almost*GULP* 15 years one would think there would be very little my husband can do that would still get me all HOT AND BOTHERED ( and not in a way that make me want to throw a dish at his head but rather makes me want to do the very opposite- grab a dish and pour him a nice bowl of let me LOVE YOU UP SOUP).

5 things this wife's husband does that NEVER GET OLDSo you are wondering- what are these 5 magical things a husband can do that will drive a wife of six months or 15 years wild with DESIRE?! Keep reading…

#1 Make the morning coffee. It’s true- so simple right? But in the morning the first thing you want in your hand before you can even LOOK at anyone – is coffee( or at least that’s what I want- although I’m sure a nice bowl of crack probably might work too- although that’s just one addiction I’m going to have to pass on- look how it has dismantled the marriage of Khloe and Lamar?!)

#2 Hug me when I cry while watching Open House with George Oliphant. Oh whenever George gives a deserving marine a house makeover- well I am in a puddle from the word GO! My husband could look at me and a) ignore me b) tell me to get a grip or c) hug me. He’s the C GUY.

#3 Make me a salad when he sees me heading for the bag of potato chips- but doesn’t SCOLD me or tell me what I can’t or can’t eat. He just very graciously provides a healthy alternative if I SO CHOOSE to take advantage of it.

#4 Hammer in a nail. It’s not that  I CAN”T Hammer in a nail or hang up my own DAMN PICTURES- but it is just really kinda sexy and sweet to watch him get out his LEVELER and hang the many picture frames I have all over the house (without EVER giving me grief about all the toe shoes, tutus that line our walls).

#5 Refill the toilet paper (As if it were an OLYMPIC SPORT): That’s right- Nary is there just a square to spare and my husband is the first to bolt into action and have a fresh roll on it.

These all Seem pretty basic- right? Maybe you were expecting these sweeping and  quite grand gestures on his part- and of course over the course of our marriage I’ve had those- but for me– what sustains us-and in my opinion any long-term marriage are the details- the teeny tiny moments between the big events- that remind us – YES this person has my back. This person cares about me- enough to NEVER LEAVE ME HANGING at two o’clock in the morning with an empty Toilet paper holder.


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