5 Reasons Married sex is oh so much better than sex when you’re single

I know what you’re thinking; please– once you get married- you stop having sex. And while this may be true at certain points over the course of your married life– (I know when I was getting up to breastfeed my daughter at the crack at 1am the last thing on my mind was sex) for the most part- married sex (when you are actually engaged in it) can be the best sex of your life.

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How you ask, could married sex be better than that hot sex you have when you first meet someone and there’s all this adrenaline and titillation and the excitement and newness of this person and all the real and imagined adventures the two of you may potentially embark on?

In my opinion– there is something¬† just so sexy about being with someone in the biblical sense who has seen you at every stage of your being– when you were pushing a kid through your hooha ( and you made him stay down there so he could keep you abreast of just how much longer you’d have to push) or when you were standing at your father’s graveside, feeling like your legs couldn’t possibly support you and his arms kept you steady and grounded– and STILL wants to grab you and give you THE BIG ONE.

Keep reading for 5 reasons why married sex is best!

#1 Married sex rocks: Because a) he’s right there when you have an itch that needs scratching b) he’s seen you right after childbirth so however you look now it’s better than you looked then c) you can pretend you just met and make it spicy or you can have easy comfortable lazy sex -take your pick d) you don’t have to worry about him calling you the morning after.

#2 Best part of married sex: not having to use condoms.

#3 Married sex rocks: because you know you’re not going to get an STD.

#4 Best part of married sex: The familiarity. Knowing what works, what doesn’t and finding different variations on that theme. It’s like going on vacation, every year, to your favorite place. You never get sick of exploring the area and you get thrilled when you find a new place you hadn’t noticed before. Yeah, it’s like that. And I like that.

#5 Bottom line: Married sex rocks: because as my body changes, his words grow kinder.

So– married sex- best sex of your life- yay or nay?


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