5 Last minute gifts for your sweetheart and a Cheryl’s Collector’s Edition Snowman Cookie Jar and Buttercream frosted cookies GIVEAWAY!

Congrats to Liz Newsome

Did I mention that I just celebrated 14 LONG years of marriage? Did I mention that marriage is not that sweeping fairytale we blushing brides are led to believe? Did I mention that THIS year for my anniversary my gift to my husband was that: I would let him keep all his piles of clothes and NOT touch them until he instructs me that they are ready to be washed? (OH and by the way it’s been two days and it is taking every fiber of my patience to NOT grab those musty jeans sitting there) Did I mention that my anniversary gift was a box of baby wipes ? ( Yes it’s true I use baby wipes- or as my husband says I am addicted to baby wipes and being that we don’t have a baby he thinks I should no longer be purchasing said wipes- but because he LOVES ME SO MUCH he bought me a case of baby wipes). Did I mention that after 14 years of marriage- he ALSO got me THE EXACT same anniversary card  that he got me for our 13th year of marriage? (But of course he wrote something different in it- so I gave him a pass!)

And since Tis the season to be jolly and indulge in sweet confections and flowers– my husband ALSO got me a dozen roses ( And just so you know ROSES work EVERYTIME!) So if you are on the cusp of an anniversary or you need a GO TO HOLIDAY GIFT that will wow- here are four of my favorite ones from the 1-800-Flowers.com Suite of Brands.

Lenox Crystal Vase Holiday Arrangement Make her holiday sparkle with a luxurious arrangement of one dozen roses, white lilies and festive Christmas greens in a stunning keepsake Lenox Meadow crystal vase, designed by 1-800-Flowers expert florists.

Santa Paws and His Best Reindeer: Every dog-lover wife wants our hand-shaped a-DOG-able arrangement, with fresh carnations and fragrant greens inside a willow dog bed decked in a Santa hat and glasses accented with festive ornaments. ($54.99-$74.99)

Peppermint Martini Bouquet:Shake up her holiday with a holiday happy hour and this Peppermint Martini Bouquet made up of red roses, lilies, hypericum, mini carnations and sweet andy canes gathered in a reusable oversized martini glass. ($39.99-$59.99)

Fannie May Holiday Chocolate Strawberries: Indulge by the fire with sweet caramel, creamy eggnog, spicy gingerbread and minty-fresh candycane with deliciously fresh strawberries hand-dipped in rich, real chocolate.($34.99-$59.99)

Cheryl’s Collectors Edition Snowman Cookie Jar: Give your wife who has a sweet-tooth a high quality keepsake cookie jar filled with 12 of Cheryl’s famous buttercream frosted Holiday cut-out cookies. ($39.99)

And because I LOVE my marriedmysugardaddy.com readers I’m giving away A Cheryl’s Collectors Edition Snowman Cookie Jar:  a high quality keepsake cookie jar filled with 12 of Cheryl’s famous buttercream frosted Holiday cut-out cookies. ($39.99)! For a chnace to win this for your sweetheart ( or as you can see from the picture– have it hijacked by your kids) leave a comment here with the best or worst gift you’ve gotten from your spouse. For *extra entries* you can follow me on twitter @MelissaSChapman and  retweet this giveaway! For a second entry you can  like the Married My Sugar Daddy facebook page.

Good luck this giveaway ends December 28!


  1. Paula E. says

    The best gift my husband ever gave me was my ipad. I was so shocked and he was so sneaky. I still smile thinking about how thoughtful he was.

  2. Karen Medlin says

    My best was my wedding ring for our first Christmas, we had simple bands when we got married and he promised me a diamond later on.. that Christmas he surprised me with a wedding ring that with my diamonds!

  3. Liz Newsome says

    My husband got me (us) a garage door opener – and had it installed – all as a surprise for me. It was very sweet because he knows I love practical gifts. When I arrived at home, there was a small gift bag on the table with a card. I opened the card and it told me to go to the driveway and open the bag. I was really confused, but obedient (he knew I’m a direction-follower), so I went to the driveway. I was looking around to see if he was watching me from another house or something – but I saw nothing. When I opened the bag, there was a garage door opener remote inside. I pushed it and as the garage door rolled open, there was my husband leaning on his car with a dozen red roses! It was a terrific surprise! Yeah – he’s a keeper!

  4. jorie rogers says

    The worst gift I have ever received from my husband was deodorant. He seriousely put it in my stocking last year. LOL.

  5. kathy f says

    The worst gift I ever got from dh was a 12pk of tube socks. He tied them all together and wrapped them in a big box. Boy was I ever surprised!

  6. Laura says

    My husband is a terrible gift giver. He just doesn’t bother, ever. At least I’m never disappointed!

  7. Amy D says

    The best gift that my husband gave me and still continues to give, is the gift of his love..Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. Tim says

    My wife doesn’t buy me anything for Christmas, at my request, so she doesn’t have the opportunity to flub it. But when we were dating I bought her a bike that I thought would be appropriate for her 5’3″ body, but it just so happened to also be a kids bike.OOPS.

  9. Tara says

    My husband got me a crockpot this year, but not the one I wanted or one big enough for our family. I think that might be the worst gift.

  10. David says

    My favorite gifts are the ones my kids make by themselves. I can always tell if my wife helped because even though she tries to make it look authentic, I know her well enough to see her footprints, even in crayola and construction paper.

  11. says

    I dont believe anyone could beat me in the worst gift ever from a boyfriend..Last year i was surprized with an engagement ring. My boyfriend had purchased his son’s ring that was from a broken engagement. Well it ended up being worth 5.00. His son had sold the real one and replaced it with a piece of costume jewelry and actually charged his dad 500.00…wow

  12. Amber G. says

    The best gift I have received is a tie between the violin I received a few years back and the moldavite ohm ring I received last year.

  13. says

    The best present I received from my Husband was a dragon pendant that he sneakily bought while I was with him and I never even noticed. I wear it all of them time =]

  14. Candace Butler says

    The worst gift I ever got was from my EX-husband he got a me a frying pan and said “maybe now you won’t burn my food” are you kidding me. I am a good cook and have done a lot of catering and had a successful pie shop. I did say he was my EX husband 🙂

  15. stephanie says

    best gift would be our first Christmas together. We decided to separate for the first Christmas so we each could be with our families. He drove early Christmas morning in snow and ice just to be with me on Christmas day 🙂 We haven’t separated for holidays since!

  16. Megan says

    I had a dream one night that my husband was carrying a baby turtle around in his pocket and he suprised me with it, I was so happy in that dream. I woke and told him all about it. 6 months later on our anniversary he came home with a ceramic turtle in his pocket for me. Still the best gift he gave me

  17. says

    It’s been almost 14 years since I’ve been married, so I honestly can’t remember. I do remember one gift though – although it wasn’t for Christmas.

    I came into the relationship with a daughter from a previous relationship. She was very ill and hospitalized. When we finally came home, he gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The card said “Thank you for taking such good care of our girl”. It was the use of “our” in that sentence that stood out.

    Thank you.

  18. McKim says

    I think the worst gift was a pasta maker. We tried it once – worked horribly – and has sat in our basement since.

  19. Diana C says

    My best gift was last year. Our first Christmas together as a married couple and we got a live Chrstmas tree. I had never had one. It was magical.

    Diana C

  20. Holly S. says

    My husband works at a large “home & bath” big-box retailer, so he sees these little gadgets and as-seen-on-TV things all day. He has brought home so many bad gifts! Yoga toes being one of those. What? I put those on my toes? What for? Maybe I am just a little too practical for most of them?

  21. Kathleen M Smith says

    The worst was chocolates with liqueurs like brandy in the middle, ruined some darn good chocolate if you ask me.

  22. Mechele Johnson says

    The best gift I ever got from my hubby was right after I had our last daughter, in Nov., for Christmas he got me the most beautiful set of Nursing PJ’s ever! I still where them all the time!

  23. kemberley crosswhite says

    worst…. my husband got me a trash can this year…. ugh! said he remembers me saying i needed a new one …..

  24. Karen Propes says

    Hard to pick just one, but on our 15th anniversary, we out to eat and he gave me a vintage ring. It is beautiful. He took one of my other rings and had it sized perfectly. He’s such a great Husband.

  25. 1955nurse says

    Best gift I rec’f from my Hubby was a beautiful Gold omega necklace w/gold heart & our kids birthstones ( for our 25th Anniversary!) Thanks for the chance!!!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com))

  26. 1955nurse says

    Already like you (holly Cunningham) on FB ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) These cookies sound wonderful, Thanks for the chance!

  27. Annmarie W. says

    My hubby has always given me wonderful gifts! But the best ever was a year or two before we got married: he gave me a Pinball Machine for Christmas!! I got a lot of use out of it for years (he traveled a lot on business), and now my children use it more than I do!

  28. Jenny Stanek says

    The best was this past Mother’s Day, he surprised me with a beautiful video sideshow set to music. It had so many wonderful pictures of us and our children, it brought me to tears

  29. says

    I’ve been divorced for 20 years. The only thing good that came from that marriage was my wonderful SON!

    But, for the past 7 years, I’ve been a great relationship and he’s always getting me great things. I have 2 favorites: 2 years ago I got an LG LED television/LG blu ray player. This year I got a huge gas fireplace!

    Now, if only I could get that engagement ring… Lol!


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