4 Cocktail Recipes That will add Sweetness to your Holiday Season

I am not much of a drinker- except when it comes to Champagne and those sweet confection like drinks. I am gaga for sugar- and whether it’s served up in the form of a cupcake or with a side of vodka- It’s all delish to me. Which is why I am going to try my hand at mixing one or two of these Cocktail recipes- to ring in the season of SNOW! What could be better than getting your buzz on when it is FREEZING COLD OUT and you need to get warm?

4 Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Keep reading  for 4 Cocktail Recipes that will add some Sweetness to your Holiday Season!

Whether cozying up by the fire or toasting to the New Year, get in the holiday spirit with these festive cocktail ideas!


Recipe for an Almond JoyAlmond Joy

RECIPE: 2.5 oz TY KU Coconut Sake, 1 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur 0.5 oz Almond Liqueur, Chocolate Rim

TY KU KANE Cocktail Recipe


Recipe: 1.5 oz TY KU Soju, 0.5 oz Citrus Liqueur, 2oz Club Soda and Mint & Peppermint Stick Garnish

Ginger Snap Cocktail Recipe

Ginger Snap

Recipe: 1.5 oz TY KU Sake Silver, 2 oz Ginger Ale, 0.5 oz Gin, Gingerbread Cookie Rim Garnish with Cinnamon Stick

Kiss me Santa Cocktail

Kiss me Santa

Recipe: 3 oz Strawberry Le SUTRA, Splash of Ultra-Premium Vodka, Top with Champagne, Dip rim of glass in a crushed candy cone

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