3 ways to reconnect as a couple after baby and a JOOVY $299 DOUBLE STROLLER GIVEAWAY!

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After you have a baby both men and women have a hard time stepping outside their roles as mother and father, hausfrau and handyman, disciplinarian and bedtime enforcer. As a couple it is essential that you are free to indulge your every whim, without having to defer to our kids’ needs; and that you make it a priority  to reconnect to those primal forces of attraction and shared beliefs that drew you together and resulted in this baby you now hold so dear.

And despite what you may think, reconnecting with your spouse after having a baby is not just about doing so in a physical way. Rather it is really important that as a couple  you make it a priority to get in some quiet intimate moments, whether it is snuggling up on a couch watching the passionate sparring between Bogey and Bacall or laying side by side getting a sensuous couples massage sipping on champagne and feeding each other chocolate truffles.

Having time away from the monotony and sometimes drudgery of parenthood can be like an infusion of new breath and perspective into this little family unit you’ve created and can give you a new appreciation for one another and, of course, your kids. But before you think this renewal can only be achieved via a carefully planned weekend away, here are a few easier-to-organize options to help you get some of that vavavoom back into your marriage.

#1 Flirt with each other. That’s right. Remember when you first met and you would kiss each other in the middle of the day for no apparent reason. You’d wink, tease and be playful? My advice: BRING THAT COUPLE BACK! Don’t be afraid to touch each other, to flirt, to smile, to hug and basically to just reach out and hold one another’s hand. Sometimes a small demonstration of love can spark that romance that’s been lying dormant in the heart of a sleep-deprived parent who just needs to feel like he/she is still desired.

#2 Write each other love letters. Sometimes it simply feels too awkward to tell your spouse just how much you love and yes even miss them. Being the parent of a newborn your focus and so much of who you are shifts to this precious little baby and your relationship with your spouse gets pushed aside. A love letter is a wonderful way for you to sit down and remind yourself, and your main squeeze, how crucial their love and support is to you, how grateful you are to have them in your life and part of this family the two of you have created. And of course there is nothing more romantic than reading a handwritten love note!

#3 Turn your bedroom into a LOVE NEST! If you can’t manage to steal away for a romantic weekend with your spouse, get your tot to sleep for a few hours and retreat to your bedroom for some quality one-on-one time. Not sure how to take your frumpy not-quite-romantic bedroom from drab to fab? No problem! Check out these five tried and true tips to Spice up your married sex life and to turn your bedroom into a love nest.

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  1. Jessica Salonga says

    This is a great blog! After we had our first, we really struggled with connecting because we were shell shocked and exhausted! It wasn’t like it was before, we had to be intentional about loving each other. That’s us my advice to new parents. Be intentional. Intentionally do kind things for your spouse, intentionally wear his favorite perfume (even just to cover the smell of baby spit up), intentionally make them a cup of coffee when you’re up for the umteenth time and it happens to be right before he is set to get up. It’s not easy but it’s worth it!

  2. Jessica Salonga says

    Oops! And I follow you on Instagram, follow you on Facebook and follow you on Pinterest! :)

  3. Kimberly says

    It was really hard for us to reconnect after the birth of our daughter. Since her bassinet and supplies took up most of our bedroom, it was difficult to feel romantic even when we weren’t exhausted. Being intimate in rooms besides the bedroom helped a lot. It made it feel exciting and a little naughty. I’m not sure how well it will work this time around since we now have a toddler, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

  4. Debbie Burack says

    Watch ur wedding video and look through old photo albums…. It brings back amazing memories.

  5. Shirisha Prodduturi says

    We have frequent date nights and leave my baby at my sister’s place. I liked you on Facebook,following you on twitter,instagram and pinterest and also retweeted your tweet :)

  6. says

    The hubs and I make it a point to keep our Friday night “date in” going whenever we can. We did it pre baby and have kept the tradition going post babies. After the baby is finally asleep, we have a glass of wine and settle in for some snuggles, a flick and a little conversation. It’s such a simple little thing, but really helps us stay connected!

  7. Rhian says

    I haven’t had a baby yet so I don’t have any advice in this particular arena. My husband and I do try to take time to connect now though during what we call ‘family cuddle time” when we pile onto the couch with our dog and watch a show or a movie together and just relax.

  8. katie klein says

    Make time for each other for sure. You should have a date night at least once a month no kids invited!! They still know you love them and you deserve the time together. We also just try to take time with each other even if it is just 5 minutes chatting after the kids have gone to bed. One on one time with your significant other is always important and should never go away just because you have kids.

  9. Helen Tejeda-Ramos says

    After having twins four months ago it has become a bit tough to have alone time with my husband. To reconnect and have some alone time I ask my cousins once a month to come over and babysit so the hubby and I can go out on our own. Or after the girls are in bed at 8 we watch a movie and have a nightcap together.

  10. Denise Konkel says

    I would say just try to go the extra mile, even though it is hard sometimes. Set aside time at dinner to talk about fun things-not just bills, problems, etc.

  11. Grace a says

    We do a standing date night and don’t let anything get in the way. It really helped after we had our daughter to have time alone :)

  12. Jay M says

    Make sure to find some time to do the things you love together – minus the kids. Ask a trusted friend, or the grandparents to babysit the kids for an evening or Saturday afternoon and have a date.

  13. says

    I recommend having date night as often as you can! Set time together away from the kids, booking a bed and breakfast weekend would be a great idea! This is an awesome stroller giveaway, would love one to take our daughters all around town!

  14. Dianne Hall says

    Make sure to schedule time together after the baby is born. We put one night a week aside where we did something fun (ordered pizza), went to get ice cream, go on a walk as a family, etc. It is easy to get caught up in life and cancel plans. But making a commitment (and not canceling) really helped us reconnect.

  15. Kenny Hall says

    This is a seriously gorgeous stroller! We try to make time for each, our parents are great with their grandkids and will watch them for us a few times a month so we can have alone time :-).

  16. Brittney Reader says

    Take some time for you and your spouse to have alone time or just go grab a meal… even if you have to bring baby along! they usually sleep through things anyways right after birth.

  17. Nicki Joseph says

    We try to set an hour aside after the kids go to bed, just to talk, reconnect, laugh and relax

  18. Amy Turnbull says

    I love this stroller :) I make sure my hubby and I flirt with each other and have regular date nights without the kids :)

  19. Natalie S says

    Make time for each other like having date nights or just hang out together after the kids are in bed.

  20. MJ says

    I think the biggest thing is making a conscious effort to make time to do things alone, which is often easier said than done with kids!

  21. Abby Caraway says

    Try and have a “date” night. Even if it is to the supermarket if you can’t get a babysitter for that long. Remember its the two of you and your relationship that strengthens your parenting.

  22. Jessica M. says

    My hubby and I often put our little guy to bed a half hour early, so we can snuggle up in bed & watch our favorite tv shows that we’ve recorded. A half hour doesn’t seem like much, but at least I am not falling asleep as soon as I crawl into bed!

  23. @frugaliscious says

    I love to cook so despite how busy my sched is i make sure that i take a day or two where i cook his fave meal and then have a movie date in our couch. It helps to stay sane with all the stuff thats going on and help as well our relationship. Also talking in bed bout something funny and not work related keeps things light and not frustrating.

  24. Ivan H. says

    Play together. Before baby, we payed board games and card games. Once in a while, we’ll play board games after baby goes to sleep. This gives us time together while having having fun. It also helps our communication. BTW, Joovy is an AWESOME company!

  25. Olivia Rubin says

    Just do something simple. Pick up flowers at supermarket, if tight on money, grab some daffodil weeds! Sit on the couch and hold hands.

  26. Jonathan Baker says

    I think the best way to reconnect as a couple after having a baby is taking walks. My wife and I have done that with each kid and it’s great time to talk as well as get exercise.

  27. Michelle Jones says

    Read to your baby together every night before bed, and then be sure to reconnect the romance afterwards with simply sitting on your back porch talking about your day.

  28. Melissa Lavigne says

    This is a great topic and something I’ve found to be very important! Me and my husband love to go on “adventures” together (as we call them haha). We will go hiking, to the lake or even just to walk aroun the mall. It gives us a chance to talk about anything and everything and gives us a change of scenery. He is my best friend and its nice to just get out with him, even with our son.

  29. Kaylee says

    For us, it was important to make time for each other. It’s easy to pour all of your energy into the baby so you have none to offer your man. Set aside time to just enjoy being together, as a couple and not as parents. Reminisce over special memories and enjoy discussing things you have in common, ways you connected before baby. Plan your time beforehand so you can build excitement. And put some care into how you look for your special time. Clean up the baby spit-up, comb your hair … take joy in getting ready especially for your husband. Having a baby is definitely a transition, but it can also grow your marriage in unexpected ways. Seeing your spouse fulfill a new role as daddy or mommy presents a completely new dimension to who they are, and endears them additionally in your heart.

  30. Bonnie M. says

    Well in my own experience, after we had our first baby, my fiancé and I reflected & talked a lot about how we first met, what has happened within the years leading up to us giving birth. It’s been such a journey & I personally find it refreshing to walk down memory lane. It’s a beautiful thing to reflect together on your relationship and how much we’ve grown up since (although we still like to do childish things like play video games & play jokes on each other lol). We recently just had our 2nd baby 2 weeks ago, and oh man, it’s very different this time around with a one year old running around but my advice to anyone would be to have an open communication of your thoughts & relationship :) it’s helped my relationship become even stronger.

  31. Ching T. says

    I would have to say keeping an open communicatio
    n and helping out your wife really helps a couple reconnect as a couple after having a child.

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