3 traits that good husbands possess (and what wives really find sexy!)

This is such a fragile, strange period in our marriage. My father passed several months ago and since his death, my mother has lost her motivation to move forward. So of course as her kids, my siblings and I are essentially doing everything we possibly can to physically draw her out of the hole she’s begun to dug for herself.

my two favorite guys

It is a daily battle with my mother- and to be perfectly blunt we’re all struggling. Of course my husband has been sucked into this madness just by sheer virtue of the fact that he lives with me, and so has no choice but to let me vent(sure he covers his head with a blanket while I’m talking 75 percent of the time–but I know he’s there and taking it all in). I listen to her and then I unload my frustrations, anxieties and my to-do list onto my partner; my husband.

This experience has taught me some valuable lessons about loving someone and staying present during moments and experiences when all you want to do is look for the nearest emergency exits and hightail it outta there. It’s renewed my love for this man I call my husband and I’ve narrowed down the three traits that–based on our experiences- are ones that EVERY good husband posesses– because in every marriage there will be that period where life gets incredibly strained, confusing and not all that fun. But it’s the husbands who can ride those waves with you who are the true keepers.

#1 A man who will be nice to their mother in law. OH LADIES this one is the KEY to it all. A man that can tolerate and listen to an EARLOAD FULL OF THEIR MOTHER-IN-LAW pontificating about why all doctors who DONT work in Manhattan are shoemakers, is by far THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE to me.

# 2 A man who will spend the day driving kids to gymnastic lessons, piano lessons, pick up Chinese Takeout, drop off Chicken noodle soup to his sick mother in law and pop a load of her laundry in the wash– when this man ( aka MY Husband) does stuff like this I basically WANT.TO. RIP. HIS. CLOTHES. OFF.

#3 A man who tells you that you don’t need any makeup to look beautiful ( okay maybe this man aka my husband is saying that because I have a slight addiction to the MAC counter, but still the sentiment is just so sweet- no?!)

So ladies– what else do you find COMPLETELY irresistible about your husband (aside from you know his six pack?!)


  1. Dayla says

    Bless his heart! What a keeper. We recently had a trying time in our relationship as E’s father lived with us for 32 nights after his house burned down. At night 30 I hit my breaking point and my guy finally stood up for me, our house, and our family. It was hard for him to tell his dad it was time to hit the road, but it had to be done… for us!

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