3 reasons why being a trophy wife aint half bad

Okay- let me preface this post with this disclaimer- perhaps I THOUGHT I was in the running to be a trophy wife when I initially met my husband- who is 15 years my senior. WHY? Well of course the age gap– I mean no matter how old he got- I’d still be younger- hence- the trophy. Of course I also thought I’d be ensconced in a lifestyle similar to that of a Bravo Housewife  unfortunately (or fortunately- depending on how cool or scary you think their frozen faces appear) that was not the be the trajectory of my trophy wife life.

My older, physician husband did have some reservations about allowing me full discretion over his annual income and so unlike so many Trophy Wives was not privy to roughing life with a house staff and homes dotting the globe.

Still I consider myself a trophy wife- and here are 3 reasons why that status aint half bad…

#1 Never discount the power of your youth. Yes when he is 60 I will still be a “sultry and sexy” 45-year-old…(here’s to hoping he’ll be able to keep up with me in my “peak”).

#2 You can use your “trophy status” to get out of many a sticky situation. Case in point– when he asks you to sign a prenup you can leverage your desire not to sign by saying,
“Well- if u want me to sign it- you’ll have to go out and find another trophy wife.”

At which point he’ll probably say, “Of course honey you don’t need to sign anything because our love supersedes the superficiality of monetary possessions.”

Of course realize, the subtext of his statement is this; I’d rather not go through the whole ordeal of dating- wining and dining yet another woman and so will shelve said prenup.

#3 You can lord your trophy wife status over your husband and claim you can’t be bothered with menial chores like science fair projects and cleaning toilets, because as a trophy wife that time would be better spent at the gym…and if he wants you to continue to embody those trophy wife qualities well he’s going to have to pick up the slack!

So tell me what makes you a trophy wife?

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