3 gifts I do not want for Mother’s Day (I hope my husband is reading this)

I get quite a few gift pitches-especially when a National Hallmark sanctioned holiday is right around the corner- and Mother’s Day is NO EXCEPTION. I guess because I write a blog about relationships, with the occasional story or two about my offspring thrown in for good measure- companies are sending me products they think wives- like me-would be thrilled to receive from their better halves. Now I’m not sure who is writing the bulk of these pitches – but based on their SEX slant- I’m going to go with men.

3 gifts I do not want for Mother's Day (I hope my husband is reading this)

Listen, I’m as much of a team player as the next woman, and not only am I more than willing to roll over and take one for the team- but I LIKE SEX too, i.e. I don’t ALWAYS have to be coerced into having it. But when it comes to getting gifts from my husband on Mother’s day, gifts which SHOULD illustrate what a wonderful life partner he thinks I am, how much he values my role in parenting and yes GIVING BIRTH to his kids– there are a few gifts which don’t even COME close to intimating these things. Rather- these gifts, feel more like gifts for him, than gifts for me- and really what good is that? he gets his day in June on Father’s day ( and at that time if he REALLY wants a riding CROP heck I’ll get him one!) but for Mother’s day– I’m giving a big thumbs down to the riding crop and anything which infers that he subconsciously wants a sex slave/ handmaiden/french maid/ hausfraus…

#1 A fifty shades of gray goody box. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t need my husband to tie me up and whip my bare bottom to get amorous. And honestly I’m not sure how this gift is even considered a gift and not a torture box. Oh and my husband, would probably use the enclosed tie, to wrap around my mouth so that I couldn’t ask him to do stuff while he’s watching the latest sports game.

#2 A Corset. I Cannot stand any kind of shape wear, and after buying a pair of Spanx years ago, which simply seemed to redistribute my flesh rolls into weird places- I took them off and gave them to my dog to use for a chew toy. And why on Earth I would want to suffocate myself shimmying into a corset and how that would be pleasing and a way to celebrate my motherhood- well– again- must have been a guy who designed that wonderful pitch.

3 gifts I do not want for Mother’s Day (I hope my husband is reading this)

#3 Wine. Don’t TRY and get a way with giving me a bottle of WINE?!! Wine is great, alcohol is great, but really is getting me liquored up and fuzzy and then tired and then cranky the next morning REALLY how you want me to remember Mother’s day? Not to mention the fact that wine and kids are not the best mix. I know this is a special wine from a Vineyard in France and it was VERY expensive. To which I say- Ok- let’s use that as your father’s day present– now go and get me my real present.

So what gifts are on your DO NOT GET ME THAT FOR MOTHER’S DAY list?


  1. Sheila F. says

    Too funny! I never thought about ‘sexy’ Mother’s Day gifts, but I guess that is because I have only received gifts from my kids. I personally would like to request that teachers stop having kids make any gift with macaroni on it- that crap just falls off everywhere.

  2. Julie says

    You are HILARIOUS!! Really did someone think the 50 Shades of Grey box would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift?? I’ll take the wine if I get to drink it alone, in silence, for a whole day, and no laundry or dishes.

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