15 Free Date IDEAS that will Help Build a Strong Relationship

Dating is one of the most crucial phases of any romantic relationship, and of course couples can also enjoy dates well into a marriage to build a loving relationship. And the most important part of dating is constructing or reinforcing the bonds that make up any strong relationship. Something that is not an important part of dating, or at least should not be, is spending money.

There is no shortage of date ideas that guarantee a fun time – and do not require spending large amounts, or really any amount, of money. Here are  15 Free Date IDEAS that will Help Build a Strong Relationship.

Picnic – The idea of going on a picnic seems like it has been done and then some, but the idea has become commonplace because it is such a fantastic way to spend time with somebody you care for. A picnic can also be exceptionally romantic, especially if you have a moonlit and candlelit picnic on the beach or lakefront.

Window Shopping – It is possible to experience much of the fun of shopping, especially with the right company, without having to break the bank. Try taking your special someone on a window shopping excursion downtown or at the mall. Checking out and discussing what is for sale, and maybe trying a few perfume or cologne samples, can be more fun than you might think.

Cook Together – Find a promising recipe using ingredients that you have on hand, and have a cooking and/or baking adventure together. The best part will be enjoying something you both had a hand in making.

On the Couch – There is nothing quite like just watching a movie on the couch together. Find something you both will enjoy on a streaming service, on TV, or at the library. These days, there is no lack of choices – including many wholesome yet romantic titles.

Read to Each Other – The library is good for more than just movies. You can also find some good books to read to each other, or take turns reading to each other.

Memories – For married couples, take a trip down memory lane through an old photo album, or if convenient even the sites of past dates. Create new memories and reminisce to keep the spark alive.

Beach Walking – Go for a long walk – either on the beach, on a hiking trail, in the park, or just around your neighborhood, especially during Christmastime with all of the decorations. Fresh air, a little bit of exercise, nice scenery, and good weather all make for a great combination of elements for a date.

Volunteer – Find a local spot to spend some time volunteering. You will be giving something to your community while bonding.

Art Museum – Many art museums are free to the public, or only ask for small donations for admission. Discover why art museums are such a classic romantic activity, or you can try a history museum – whatever interests you as a couple.

Board Games – With all of the electronic entertainment available these days, it is easy to forget about the classics. Board games like Scrabble can be great; however putting together a large jigsaw puzzle can be a lengthy yet extremely fun and rewarding project. Finishing such a puzzle is also great way to bond for couples young and old because really it’s just a means to talk and put together the pieces.

Photo Shoot – Thanks to the ubiquity of mobile phones, almost everybody has access to their own camera and a fairly large capacity to take pictures. Try having a “photo session” by taking pictures of each other at different nearby locations. The day will be fun, and the memories will last a lifetime.

Free Events – Check the internet for free events in your area. You will often be surprised at the number of concerts, art shows, movie screenings, and church functions you will find.

Home Search / Dreaming – For married or soon to be wed couples in the market for a potential future home, house or apartment shopping does not have to be a chore. Whether just checking listings online or seeing places in person, this can be a wonderful bonding and learning experience.

Re-arrange – A good idea for married couples is to try a spontaneous rearrangement of furniture in one or more rooms.

Religious Study – Often a strong relationship has the basis of faith and religious principles guiding young couples. The teachings of religious leaders such as Pastor Ed Young are often great for young couples to build stronger connections. Take your date to bible study and build a stronger bond together. Or make some time to read through scripture online through blogs like Ed Young’s which provide great advice right from your own home.

These are just some ideas for ways that couples can enjoy each other’s company and establish stronger personal connections without spending a fortune.







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    I love the picnic idea and we’ve done that one a number of times. My husband hates when I take pictures of us all the time, though. He thinks I over-document everything.

    I forgot about board games, though. I think I’m going to try to get him to play with me again. We will either have fun or throw the pieces at one another in fury.

    Great post.

    Melissa E.

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