10 Ways to make your pregnant wife feel loved and a FITBUMP giveaway for two lucky sexy preggo readers!

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Your pregnant partner may be moody, emotional and even unpredictable due to hormonal changes. What’s a baby daddy to do? Pamper and romance her like crazy. Here are 10 ways to sweep her off of her [probably very swollen] feet! Why is it so important that you make the woman who is carrying your child feel good about herself?

10 Ways  to  Romance  Your  Pregnant  Wife

According to Stephany Alexander, founder of Woman Savers, a healthy state of mind is very important for a pregnant woman because many people believe that the unborn child is aware of the mother’s emotions and feelings.  By helping your baby mama feel good about herself, you will create a happier atmosphere surrounding her pregnancy which could result in an easier birthing process.

A guy should be sensitive to a pregnant woman’s needs because her hormones are fluctuating now and she may be more emotional.  Her body is also changing shape which may make her feel unsexy and unattractive.  A pregnant woman needs a lot of reassurance that she is still attractive to you and that you love her and the baby and will be supportive through the pregnancy even after the baby is born.

Make sure you communicate positive and loving statements to her on a regular basis and go the extra mile to make her feel special by showering her with attention.

Keep reading for 10 Ways to make your pregnant wife feel loved

1.  Pick or buy her some flowers.

Flowers always cheer up any situation and since many pregnant women become more sensitive to smells, some sweet smelling flowers placed next to her bed can help her dreams become even sweeter.

2. Foot rubs

Give your pregnant baby mama a foot rub with some exotic, sweet-smelling oils.  She is probably on her feet working a lot and exhausted.  Plus, the additional new weight can cause tired feet and an achey back.  A foot rub does wonders to lift a pregnant woman’s spirit.

3.  Make dinner AND clean up afterwards.

Your pregnant lady is most likely having all sorts of food cravings so prepare her favorite meal from beginning to end by going shopping, cooking and cleaning up.  Make it special by playing her favorite music, lighting some candles and serving her.  She will love being waited on and appreciate you preparing the foods she is craving.

4.  Let her sleep in.

Being pregnant can be physically exhausting.  Give your baby mama the morning off while you take care of chores or whatever else needs to be done so she can catch up on some much needed rest.

5.  Surprise her with a weekend getaway.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but just go somewhere together so you can spend some quality time in a stress-free environment with each other.

6.  Schedule a spa day for her.

Nothing will make a pregnant woman feel more pampered and rejuvenated than a day at a spa.

7.  Pack a picnic

Spend the day outside in a beautiful location and tell her how much she means to you.

8.  Be creative.

If you can sing, sing her a love song.  If you can write, write her a love poem.  If you can dance, take her dancing and tell her how hot she is.  Give your pregnant lady extra special attention while she is pregnant so she feels supported and loved.

9.  Buy her something.

Buy her a new outfit, a piece of jewelry, a new pair of shoes, anything to help her feel attractive again.  If you buy her clothing, by her something loose, flowing and comfortable — not tight fitting.

10.  Touch her.

Kiss her, hug her, stroke her, cuddle with her.  Physical touch is healing and when you are showering the woman who is carrying your child with attention and touch, how can she not feel attractive again?

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